10 Tips on Surviving Finals Week

Happy Finals Week!

Photo courtesy of splatter.com.

Photo courtesy of splatter.com.

Now is the time to buckle down and get crackin’ on all those projects we could have gotten done earlier had we not been extremely busy watching American Horror Story. If you’re like me, you sometimes have trouble transitioning into what I call the “Finals Zone.”  Here are a few tips to help you get focused, into the “Zone”, and ready to tackle those finals!

1. Spotify is your friend.

Or Pandora. Or 8tracks. Or really any music website. Listening to music makes studying just a bit more bearable, and it can help keep your focus more on work and less on everything else around you. Personally I’m a fan of music without words, like movie scores (Harry Potter is a great one) or classical covers. If you don’t know what you like, search the sites for a playlist with the tag ‘study’, and click around until you find one you like. My suggestion? Find one that’s a few hours long. You’ll focus better if you’re not constantly searching for a new playlist.

2. Wear comfortable clothes.

And I don’t mean a nicely worn in pair of jeans. I mean sweats. Tshirts. Leggings. Whatever works best for you. You’ll study longer and harder if you’re comfortable and not worrying about how tight those jeans are.

3. Snackage and caffeine…

If you know you’re settling in for a long study session, bring snacks! Hunger is super distracting, and will pull away your focus from your work. Visit the Cabaret or the cafe in the library for snacks and caffeine to keep you going all day.

4. Drink water!

As great as coffee is, our body likes water a lot more. So make sure to bring a water bottle to that 4 hour study session. It will keep you hydrated and awake, and you won’t crash in 3 hours like you would if you drank coffee or sugary drinks.

5. Prepare early.

If you haven’t started preparing for that final you have next Wednesday, start right now! Studying in small steps rather than cramming the night before is more effective, and you’ll go in feeling ready. Make a chart planning out your study time for the next week, and leave room for sleep!

Photo courtesy of abovethelaw.com

Photo courtesy of abovethelaw.com

6. Put your phone away.

It may hurt. It may feel like you’re missing a limb. But I promise, it’s worth it. Put your phone in your backpack on silent, or just leave it at home. No phone = less

distractions. Trust me, it works.

7. Figure out your study method.

Everyone studies differently. Figure out the way that best works for you. For example, some people use the reward method. If they are writing a paper, they’ll reward themselves with a cookie (or a gummy worm, piece of chocolate…you get it) after every page they write. It gives them an incentive to keep working. If you’re like me, you may work best by memorizing 5 flashcards, then 6, then 7, etc and just keep adding on. Everybody has a way they study best. Find what works for you!

8. Take a break.

If you’ve been blankly staring at your computer for half an hour, it may be time for a break. Walk around, go get a drink, just get up and get moving. It’ll get your blood flowing and help you get reenergized and refocused.

9. Eat a good breakfast before your final.

This. Is. Everything. Being hungry is distracting (see number 3) and no fun at all. Eat a big healthy breakfast so that you’ll be awake and ready to take that test.

10. Thank your professors

After your finals, send your professors a note thanking them for everything they’ve done for you this semester. They’ll really appreciate it, and who knows, they could end up giving you a job reference in the future.

So grab your snacks, your water, and your sweats, and just remember…IT’S ALMOST OVER!


Photo courtesy of and you.com.

Photo courtesy of andyou.com.

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