14 Thoughts You Have During Finals Week

1. Wait…it’s December?! It was Halloween…like…last week! 

2. I do my best work in double XL clothing.

3. I’ve been sitting in this chair for so long, I cannot remember the last time I went to the bathroom.

4. I’ve been reading the same paragraph for the past hour.

5. Calories are nonexistent during finals week.

6. One week until Winter Break…I CAN DO THIS!

7. I have 2 research papers, a cumulative test, and a lab practical tomorrow…remember in middle school when teachers wouldn’t schedule two tests on the same day? Those were the days.

8. Hop in my seat in Dyson 210…got my #2 pencil…and my BIC Gel Pens!

9. Time to get serious. Hair up in a messy bun. Let’s do this.

10. When that person plops in their seat five minutes before the test and says, “So, what is this on?”

11. When half of the study guide is not on the test!


12. When half of the stuff on the test was not on the study guide!

13. “There are 15 minutes remaining.”Uh oh.

14. I did it! It’s over! My hand is numb and my brain can barely tell my feet to move, but I DID IT! I am free…Winter Break, here I co–…And I miss my friends already…

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