The Best Chocolate Treats for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the best reason to indulge in all the desserts you’ve been dying to try – or at least that’s how I see it.  This year, my housemates and I have decided to raid Food Network’s recipe archives and make a whole event out of it. These are just a few of the recipes we cannot wait to try:

1.Chocolate Chip-Date French Toasttoast

Valentine’s Day starts with breakfast in bed (or on the couches at our house). What better way to start the day out right than with Chocolate Chip French Toast. I’m not big on dates but you can substitute with just about anything. Let’s face it: chocolate makes everything great.

2. The Heart of the Batterheart of the batter

The cutest cupcake I have ever seen! Can not wait to try this surprisingly easy recipe out.

3. Chocolate Covered Strawberriesstraw

Valentine’s Day classic – need I say more?

4. Chocolate-Strawberry Waffle Ball on a StickUntitled

Okay, the name isn’t all that great but this seams like the fruit equivalent of a fried oreo. I must say my discovery of fried oreos was one of the highlights of my freshman year and I assume this take on chocolate covered strawberries will be a highlight of my junior year. Just be sure to not set the fire alarm off in the process!

5. Chocolate Truffles Un

For the fancy friend, we all have one, give them something to talk about with these chocolate truffles!

6. Triple Chocolate-Hazelnut CookiesUntid

A delicious take on the simplest dessert: the cookie. I’ve already made these cookies and can vouch that they taste just as good as they look, maybe better!

7. Conversation HeartsUntitld

Have you ever wanted a conversation heart to say something other than “Be Mine”? This recipe allows you to personalize your own conversation hearts!

For those of us who prefer a cookie to those candy hearts, you can always take a cue from Blake Lively with her Taylor Swift- and Beyoncé-themed conversation cookies.Untido

AND for those of us who end up giving up, there’s always plenty of heart-shaped candy boxes!



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