Marist: The Best Place to Change Your Mind

changing-college-majorPerhaps the most important aspect to consider in your college search is what you are going to study at your prospective college or university. Are you going to be an engineer? Doctor? Teacher? Sportscaster? The possibilities are endless and, at times, overwhelming. However, you may not know exactly what you want to do yet and guess what? That’s okay! As someone who applied to thirteen colleges, I can relate! I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life! The most important thing I learned from applying into the unknown is to make sure the schools you are looking at have variety. Think of it like choosing a restaurant to eat at for dinner. Maybe you can’t decide what specific type of cuisine you want, so you choose an American-style grill, with different kinds of options. You want a school that has science programs, math, business, and liberal arts, that way, when you decide, you’re already at the right place!

I found the perfect mixture of subjects at Marist. When I was making my final decision of where I would spend the next four years of my life, I narrowed it down to Marist, and another highly ranked, small liberal arts college. The other school was primarily science-oriented, and had very few options aside from that. As someone who was unsure of what direction I wanted to pursue with my studies, I needed a place where I could change my mind and not have to transfer schools. Marist was (and is) that place.

As a freshman, I entered Marist as a Business Administration major because I thought, “You always need business, right?” Entering my sophomore year, I became more certain that I wanted to pursue a career in English and Publishing. After taking a Grammar, Style, and Editing and a Creative Writing Course, I elected to change my major to English Writing with a minor in Business. At another school, I may have not been able to do this if the majors and the courses were not offered. Marist made the major-change-powertransition from the School of Management to the School of Liberal Arts a simple change for me, and allowed me to take courses that I enjoy and that will help me achieve my goals.

The Marist staff supported me when I was unsure about myself and my major; Marist could one day do the same for you. If you want to learn more about the academic programs Marist offers, check out these links!

Programs of Study, School of Management, School of Communications and the Arts, School of Liberal Arts, School of Computer Science and Mathematics, School of Science,  School of Behavioral Sciences.


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