The Me Too Monologues At Marist

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Written by Marissa Russo, Class of 2015.

From the moment I stepped on the Marist campus, I knew I was home. From the first day of my freshman year, I knew I had a Red Fox Family behind me every step of the way. Even so, everyone has their stories, secrets, and parts of their lives that they keep hidden from those around them, even their closest friends.

The Me Too Monologues were created at Duke University in 2009. The founding members of Me Too wanted to provide an outlet for members of the Duke Community to share their experiences and insights in a testimonial theatre format. Students, alumni, and faculty members submit their stories (happy, sad, hysterical, heartbreaking, etc) anonymously, and the Me Too team adapts them into monologues, and they are presented in a theatrical format. The Me Too Monologues are incredibly successful at Duke, and are now beginning to spread to college campuses across the nation. Even on a campus as loving and supportive as Marist, Me Too has a place and a purpose. So, the Marist College Club of Theatre Arts decided to present Me Too as a new experimental piece of theatre.

22029_10205560650883201_7362869312911159243_nFrom November through January, members of the Marist community were invited to share their stories. Over sixty beautiful and inspiring stories were received, and twenty-one were chosen and adapted into monologues. The topics range from family life, identity, romance and relationships, friendships, health struggles, extreme successes and disappointing failures—all topics that we, as college students and human beings, can relate to in some way or another. Auditions were held at the end of January, and actors have been rehearsing privately with the director, a student here at Marist. The actors do not know who wrote their monologue, which allows them to present the material in a completely unbiased manner. Confidentiality is maintained so the authors feel comfortable and safe sharing their stories with us, and then trusting us to present their personal experience to an audience of eager listeners.

You never know what the person sitting next to you in class has experienced. Your roommate may keep a past experience locked away in a deep part of their soul. Me Too is there for people to express themselves in a safe and private way, but allow their story to touch other lives and teach us all valuable lessons. We invite you to join us, listen with us, and reflect with us. Think about what makes us Red Foxes, but above all what makes us human. The entire Me Too production team hopes to create an even more loving and accepting Marist family. Don’t miss the first year of the Me Too Monologues! Friday, March 27th and Saturday, March 28th at 8PM in the Student Center Cabaret.

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Do you have a story? Me too.

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