Meet Our Marist Brand Reps


The Marist Brand clothing and accessory line has become a popular part of the Fashionology business and has taken Marist’s only student run enterprise to new heights. Now, the Brand Rep Program will be able to take the brand’s success and promote it throughout the entire Marist Community.

A Brand Rep Program is a group of students who are chosen to market a brand and increase awareness to the student population using social media, word of mouth, and blogging. Companies such as Victoria’s Secret, Lily Pulitzer, and Vineyard Vines have created and implemented their own successful campus rep programs. The Brand Rep Program for the Marist Brand will be a similar model in order to reach students across campus.

The Brand Rep Program allows Marist students to become involved as leaders and gain industry-related experience that they can implement into their future careers. The program includes fifteen Brand Reps, both male and female, from a variety of majors and grades. Launching the Brand Rep Program will help aid in building upon the Marist legacy by promoting the Marist Brand in creative ways and creating new opportunities for students on campus.

brand reps insta


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