Reasons to #ReachHigher


We are honored to support the First Lady of the United States in her #ReachHigher Initiative, introduced to us by successful Marist alum Kelsey Donohue ’13. Here at Marist, we are not only interested in the success of our incoming class, but also in the success of all students pursuing higher education and committing to their enhancement of their futures. May 1 stands as the deadline for students across the country to commit to a college and university they will attend the following academic year. Because the choice to go to college is such a big one, the Reach Higher campaign aims to support, congratulate, and celebrate those students who are taking that next step. The campaign was inspired by the excitement that surrounds student athletes on their signing days, and in the words of the First Lady, “We want every student to receive as much attention and have that same feeling of importance so that they too can feel special about this big day.”

The week leading up to #NationalCollegeSigningDay on May 1st, Marist is focusing on congratulating the Class of 2019 and their decisions to Reach Higher. The video below was created to show how proud  and supportive we are of students across the country committing to their futures.

Congratulations on your pursuit of excellence!!   You are embarking on a remarkable journey. Embrace this moment and vow to maximize the opportunity you have been fortunate enough to receive. Be true to yourself, work hard, study much and seek the truth at every turn. Challenge yourself to make a difference, never resting until you do so. Carpe Diem!

-Paul X. Rinn ’68
President, Marist Alumni Association

Congratulations, Class of 2019! We can’t wait to see how far you’ll go.


Learn more about the initiative here. 

Written by Kate Powers, ’16 and Colleen Kollar, ’16.

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