Supporting #EnoughisEnough

Today, Marist is joining the #EnoughisEnough campaign with Governor Cuomo. Marist is proud to support the efforts to prevent sexual assault and promote protocols that will end violence not only in New York, but across the country.

“These private colleges are joining our growing coalition, and together we are taking a stand to say enough is enough: we must do more to fight sexual assault on college campuses,” Governor Cuomo said. “While this issue did not originate here in New York, we have the opportunity and the obligation to find a solution. We must continue to urge the Legislature to pass this law and let the students of New York State know that we respect them and their potential and will not let violence go unnoticed or unpunished. We have the power to change the conversation around sexual assault on campus – and if we change it here, the Empire State will be a leader in combating this epidemic across the nation.”

Marist athletes joined together to encourage college students to pledge to end sexual assault and ignite change on college campuses and universities. Preventing violence is on us. We are all Red Foxes. 

For more information, see the #EnoughisEnough campaign.

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