A Movie Buff’s Guide to Marist: Halloween

 IMG_5279Halloween is, without a doubt, one of college students’ favorite holidays.  After all, with our school breaks’ falling over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, Halloween is pretty much the only major holiday where students are actually on campus.  In college, I have celebrated Halloween way more than I ever did at home, simply because the excitement levels of others around me amp up my anticipation for Halloween.

With Halloween right around the corner, my housemates and I knew we had to step up our game.  We’d been collecting Halloween decorations for weeks, had all brought back pumpkins from mid-semester break, and were in the last stages of prepping our Halloween costumes.  So on Friday night, when classes were finally completed and we were ready to celebrate the weekend, Halloween prep entered full swing.  First, we hung up all our Halloween decorations, from a jack-o-lantern light strand above our window, to sparkly spiders strung along our living room wall, and window clings in the shape of ghosts.  Then, the exterior of our townhouse beckoned us to make it the best decorated in our block, which was a challenge we were happy to accept.  A quick trip to the dollar store resulted in a caution-taped door, and a tree wrapped in cobwebs.  And with just a handful of trash bags and newspaper, we were able to make our own ghosts to hang from the trees. 

But our Halloween fun was only beginning.  After getting some snacks (nachos and salsa, we’re still working on the whole “cook for yourself thing”) and turning on Spotify’s Halloween playlist, we were ready to go.  Arming ourselves with kitchen knives and lots of newspaper and trash bags, we set about one of the most fun and most challenging parts of Halloween – pumpkin carving.  Being a Harry Potter nerd myself, I set out to carve the Deathly Hallows symbol on my pumpkin, while my other friends drew their own designs (the MVP of the night was voted the free-hand drawn E.T.)


We all threw on our pajamas and comfy sweatshirts, and settled in for the more laid-back, yet just as fun, portion of the night.  After a heated debate over what Halloween movie to watch, we agreed to do a back-to-back marathon of Ghostbusters, Halloweentown, and Hocus Pocus, that way everyone was happy.  I found that freshly cooked pumpkin seeds are just as good a movie-watching snack as popcorn, and that these Halloween movies that were such childhood classics were made even better by enjoying them with friends.  As I woke up the next morning to find my friends had pranked me by hiding a plastic toy rat in my sock drawer, (I admittedly fell asleep in the middle of the third movie) I realized that this Hallo-weekend was definitely one to remember.

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