My Early Decision

Senior year of high school is filled with many exciting and anxious events ranging from prom-posals to taking the  SATs, If there are two words that seniors dread more than anything it’s ‘college decisions’. And even more intimidating is thinking of applying to your number one school ‘early decision’.

When I first heard of the concept of early decision, I remember thinking, “How could anyone definitively know where they want to go by September of their Senior year?” The concept seemed surreal and perhaps this option was only for students who wanted to go to ivy league schools and applied early decision to increase their chances for acceptance.

So I went through the whole college process; touring a total of seven schools, filling out the common application and preparing for interviews with the admission offices at colleges that required such.

Everyone hears when they’re going through the selection process, they will find the perfect school because ‘they’ll just know’.  And as I experienced going through this process,  Marist kept its’ position on the top of my list.  I was not excited about the other collages. So even though at first when I was skeptical about early decision, I now can verify it was becoming a reality for me.

Despite the fact I hate nothing more than the cold, (and the day I toured Marist was a snowy February),  I was warmed by the fact that after doing my due diligence, I discovered the reasons why I wanted to be at Marist. The campus, the size, the admissions staff, the programs, the reputation.

But why early decision?

It was simple. I had reached the point where I had no desire to go anywhere else. Any, if not all of the schools I was looking into would have given me a great education and I’m sure I would have been happy. But they weren’t Marist.

I don’t know exactly when I decided to apply early decision, but I do remember sitting in my guidance counselor’s office contemplating if I was applying to Marist early action or early decision. She asked me the standard questions like “Financially would you be able to commit?” and “What is your plan if you aren’t accepted?” After our talk I knew. I went home that night to discuss with my parents and by October of my senior year I had applied early decision to Marist College.

I’m fortunate I came to my decision rather quickly about selecting Marist, and I know it is a feeling most students do not experience. But if any student is on the fence about applying early decision, my advice would just be to go for it provided you have done your homework and you know in your heart there’s a reason why the rest of the schools on your list are second, third and fourth.


The best part about applying early decision was that by December 16, 2013 (yes I remember that date) I knew where I was going to college. Some of my peers were still taking the SATs in December, while I already knew where I was going to be in September. It was exciting to watch my other friends gather their acceptances and see the joy on their faces, because I knew the excitement of ripping open the letter and seeing that YES!

If there is no other school you want to go to, then there is no question: apply early decision, don’t wait.

If you’re thinking about applying early decision and have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at For more information on the Application Process at Marist, visit the Admission page

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