Fall in the Hudson Valley: Apple Picking

When fall is in the air at Marist, there is no way to avoid fall fever – you develop this need to go apple picking, make apple cider, get apple cider donuts, go pumpkin picking, the list goes on and on. Lucky for us, there are countless options to calm your fall fever; my friends and I took care of our fever at Peach Hill Park, just fifteen minutes away from Marist. The park hosted an event for the community that allowed visitors to hike a trail to the highest point in Poughkeepsie. And after you finished, park volunteers helped you press fresh apple cider from the apples you just picked. My friends and I took home a bag of apples and couldn’t wait to make the fall staple… Apple pie! But for those who have already exhausted their favorite apple pie recipe, we’ve got a few other fun recipes (all chosen by Marist students) for you to use up those freshly picked apples.

1. Apple Dumplings
Madison Sikorski, senior

Between the warm, gooey inside and the crunchy, cinnamon coated outside—its no wonder these are one of Sikorski’s favorite desserts. “I’m not even a huge fan of apples,” Sikiorski says, “but these are just so good, and really easy to make.”screen-shot-2015-10-17-at-7-30-10-pm1

Thank you Pinterest, for introducing us to our new best friend. You can find the recipe here.

2. Apple Bread
Avery Decker, senior

screen-shot-2015-10-17-at-5-13-37-pmMove over banana bread, this apple bread is about to take the spotlight. Decker says that this recipe has been something his mom has been making for his entire life.

“We got the recipe from our old neighbors before we moved,” Decker said, “My mom has been using the same recipe for over twenty years without changing a single thing because its honestly that good.”

Find Decker’s mom’s original recipe here!

3. Apple Ravioli
Gabriella Gamba, junior


If you like to play around with classic Italian dishes, this recipe is perfect for you. Apple ravioli quick, easy, light, and most of all, AMAZING. Gamba said pear ravioli was what inspired her and her family to try and make apple ravioli at home. “Its kind of become a tradition in my family over the past few years,” states Gamba, “We usually only make it during this time of the year, so when we do—we savor every bite!”

Check it out here. You know you want to.

Check out more recipes here!

It was quite the experience and I recommend it to anyone looking to take care of their fall fever! Take a look at the pictures from our hike:

Original recipes article written by Sarah Haggerty for the Red Fox Report

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