Marist Valentines: Matt and Erin, Class of ’05

Written by Erin Berthold, Class of 2005

Matt and I met the night before Valentine’s Day 2002.  We were hanging out in Champagnat’s 2nd floor lounge with mutual friends and decided to stay up together to wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day.  Matt had sent all the other girls heart balloons which were delivered around midnight.  Even though I was the only girl to not receive a balloon that night, we have been Valentines ever since.  IMG_5257

I knew that night I was going to marry him.  I even woke up my roommate in the middle of the night to tell her I met the man I was going to marry.  It was late and I was tired so I got his name wrong and told her it was Mike.  

I may have gotten his name wrong, but I was right about marrying him.  We have been married for six years now.  Our 5th wedding anniversary happened to coincide with alumni weekend 2014!


Thank you to Matt and Erin for sharing their sweet story with us!

Check out Marist Valentines photo album.

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