Marist Valentines: Jackie and Dean, Class of ’87

 Written by Jacqueline (Bono) DiMarzo, Class of 1987

My husband, Dean DiMarzo ’87 and I have always been proud of our Marist love story. We met in November 1986 in an art history class taught by Dr. Virginia Marquardt. Dean had a double major in Psychology and Fine Art and I was an English major. It was a wonder we met at all, since we were both commuters with off-campus jobs that consumed a lot of our time.

We did not actually meet in class, but on a field trip to New York City. Dr. Marquardt had asked our class to meet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Van Gogh Exhibit that was opening just before Thanksgiving. I got on the train at the Poughkeepsie station and Dean got on in his hometown of Ossining. We recognized each other from class and ended up spending the day together. We have barely been apart since that day.

We were married on August 26, 1989, and since that time we have raised two children. Our son, Dean, 24, is a graduate of the College of Saint Rose where he studied music. Last year, we passed the Marist commuter torch on to our daughter, Julia, who is a sophomore Fashion Merchandising major with a minor in Music. She performs with Marist Singers and MCCTA. Look for her in “A Chorus Line” coming up later this month!

In addition to sharing our lives together these past 26 ½ years, we have also been lucky enough to work together. We both worked for many years at the Poughkeepsie Journal. Today we are employed at Mount Saint Mary College, where Dean is the Director of Communications and I am a Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator for Graduate and Adult Degree Completion Programs.

Marist will always be special to us, because it was the place that brought us together. We are so proud that just a couple of years from now, we will share our Marist alumni status with our daughter.

Thank you to Jackie and Dean for sharing their sweet story with us!

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Photos courtesy of Dean and Jackie DiMarzo


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