Marist Haikus, From Us to You

Marist is not like every other college.

And to show our new president, Dr. David Yellen, what makes Marist so special, we want the Marist Community to share their favorite things about the college in the most obvious way – a haiku, of course! We want you to throw it back to your days in middle school Language Arts classes where you were first introduced to the haiku. As a reminder, a haiku is a 17-syllable poem containing three phrases of five, seven, and five syllables per phrase. Check out a couple of examples below, and don’t forget to thank your teachers for showing you the way to the perfect haiku:



Time to get your creative juices flowing!

To submit a haiku and see it featured on our blog, post a comment below with your name and relationship to Marist or send to

8 thoughts on “Marist Haikus, From Us to You

  1. Marist Red Fox Band
    Led By Art Himmelberger
    Supreme Campus Pride

    I am a Marist Parent of a Sophomore/Class of 2018 who plays trumpet in various Marist Music groups🎶

  2. Great Years In My Life
    On The Hudson River’s Edge
    Red Fox Lives In Me

    James E. Kurkela
    Proud Marist College Alumni
    BS – 1984
    MS – 1987

  3. Best friends for life found
    On this beautiful river
    Marist College proud

    This is great because I’m a middle school teacher (Marist Class of 2014!) and I just did a haiku unit with my class!

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