10 Reasons Marist Puts All Other Colleges to Shame

Original Post courtesy of The Odyssey Online

Written by Kerry Podest

I sometimes find myself thinking back to the terrifying experience of applying to college. It was definitely the most stressful, overwhelming experience I can recall going through in my 19 years. There were factors to consider like size, major, location and academics and endless schools to choose from. Well have no fear, high school seniors, because I’m here to tell you I have what you’re looking for. A school that, for me and my thousands of peers, truly does have it all: Marist College!

If you’re looking for a school that’s the size of a small country or one on a farm somewhere in middle America, then maybe Marist isn’t for you. If you’re after a small-medium sized school in a great location with a beautiful campus and incredible people, I strongly encourage you to come check out this school. So here’s why I think Marist College should be at the top of every high school senior’s list:

1. The academics

Frequently ranked on websites like Forbes and U.S. News Report, Marist is a prestigiously accredited school with a wide variety of majors to choose from.635806341541069532-7871108_maristacademics


2. The views

One thing that Marist is certainly not lacking in is beautiful sunsets and views. The river can be seen from almost any part of campus and never fails to take my breath away!6358063409822331781613617035_IMG_1412

3. Marist Beach

Not to get your hopes up, but Marist Beach isn’t actually a beach, but the lawn right in the center of campus. It’s perfect for enjoying the river view in fall, sledding in the winter and laying out during the spring. You’re almost guaranteed to see people there hanging out at any given moment.


4. The abroad programs

If you already know you want to study abroad, Marist is the place to be due to our renowned branch campus in Florence, Italy. While I haven’t been yet, I hear it gives you the Marist sense of community while offering all of the opportunities you would hope for while abroad. Learn more about it here.


5. The size

A main reason why so many people love Marist is because it’s big enough where it doesn’t feel like high school but small enough that you see friendly faces walking to class. It’s also nice to know that when you meet someone new you’re almost guaranteed to know a handful of the same people.


6. The housing

Marist housing offers a variety of options for students throughout the four years. While freshmen live in regular dorms, sophomores are given the option to live in townhouses on campus. Housing gets better each year, with juniors getting the option to have their own rooms in townhouses across campus.


7. The on-campus student life

Marist offers endless amounts of opportunities for students to get involved and succeed during their time there. With the wide variety of clubs and activities, D1 sporting teams and on-campus events, you’re sure to find your niche.


8. The off-campus student life

Work hard play harder, am I right? Lets face it, Marist students like to have fun. Nothing helps us power through homework and classes like knowing we have the weekend to look forward to.


9. The location

Marist is located in the center of the historical and breathtaking Hudson River Valley which offers incredible opportunities. It’s minutes away from the longest walking bridge in the nation, the FDR Museum and attractions like Minnewaska State Park. Last but not least, it’s a quick 90 minute train ride away from New York City!


10. The people

I can say with certainty that what keeps us Marist students going is the incredible community we’re surrounded by. This school has given me the sense of home away from home that I looked for and lifelong friends to share this amazing experience with.


Since pictures don’t do it justice, come see Marist for yourself! See our Visit page for more details. 

One thought on “10 Reasons Marist Puts All Other Colleges to Shame

  1. Nicely done..Just sent this to a neice and nephew heading to Marist for a Campus visit on Tuesday, October 4th. To me, the best time to see MC in all it’s glory.

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