5 Items of Marist Apparel You Need in Your Life 

If you’re like me, then you a walking advertisement for the school that you attend. One of the great things about college, so is everyone else! When you’re in a rush to get dressed in the morning, it is simple and easy to throw on your favorite Marist apparel and run out the door. Because let’s face it, if you haven’t done some retail therapy in the bookstore, did you even go to Marist?

Check out some of this great stuff at the Marist College Bookstore!

Here’s a Tip: As a part of Marist’s extensive and ever-evolving Fashion Program, students can become representatives for the “Marist Brand” of clothing and work at MPorium (Marist’s own clothing line, designed and produced by Marist students!)- even more opportunities for Marist apparel!

And because Red Foxes are totally trending, here are some other foxy products you can find online. Check out these awesome red fox themed products, courtesy of BuzzFeed!


Happy shopping to our Red Fox Fans! 

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