Red Fox Stories: Marist Student Appears on Wheel of Fortune

12473565_10153856540124733_9142727251199726104_oOn March 28th, the Wheel of Fortune aired a special episode, “College Week.” Current sophomore Lindsey Hans appeared as a contestant to represent Marist College – and she didn’t disappoint!

About a month prior the the airing of the episode, Marist’s President Dennis Murray invited Lindsey into his office after hearing that she would be on the show. A few days later, Lindsey was on the next flight out to Los Angeles for the filming of the episode. Lindsey showed her Marist pride by sporting a Marist sweatshirt to represent her school.

“It was such a different experience from my couch than in the real studio. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’ll never forget.”

Coming in second place by only $300, Lindsey still had an unforgettable experience.

On the day of the showing, friends and family of Lindsey gathered around to watch her compete against fourteen other college students across the country.

The next day on campus, Lindsey was the talk of the school.

“Overall, this was such an amazing experience. So many people who I don’t even know were coming up to me the next day to congratulate me. The Marist community really came together to support me. I love my school.”

10553754_10206012385091104_8976301523530316080_o– Written by Michaela Salamone and Sabrina Whitford

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