Red Fox Spotlight: Student Employees

Work, work, work, work, work, work.

No, we’re not talking about that oh so popular Rihanna song—well maybe we are—but actually this week we, along with other numerous colleges and universities across the country, are celebrating student employees.

This week the Marist College Office of Student Financial Services is celebrating and appreciating all the students who balance school and work. With over 1600 student employees, the week is meant to show appreciation for all the balancing of work and school life, as well as all the constant efforts and can-do attitudes that help to keep the College’s numerous departments and offices running.

“Working for the college as a student is not just a resume builder but a life builder. Here at Marist we don’t know what we would do without each and every one of them,” said Erica Leman, Senior Assistant Director of Student Employment.

Throughout the week, the College will be hosting different events and opportunities for the student employees, in order to show how appreciated they are. Festivities include: a hashtag contest (#MaristSEAW2016) where students can share a photo of themselves and their supervisor/work colleagues, an afternoon with food and events on Wednesday from 11 to 1, and a Student Employee and Student Supervisor of the Year Recognition Reception on Thursday evening. All departments and offices have also been encouraged to decorate the offices and celebrate their student employees throughout the week and share celebration photos with the hashtag.

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Leman spoken to how she has seen the effect of student employment on the students themselves, “It rounds out an individual. It allows them to learn skills they would not learn in a classroom.”

Student worker opportunities at Marist range from the imperatively vital assistant jobs to unique opportunities the utilize students own talents and aspirations. Specifically, an office that does this is the Office of Admission where students put their marketing, management and media skills to work for the college as student assistants, tour guides, Marist Ambassador board members, and greeters. Brian Apfel, Director of Social Media and Co-Director of the Student Ambassador Program, reflected on all those student employees within the Office of Admission.

“Students naturally talk about their college experience, but for the students I work with on a daily basis they get to do that and get paid for it. The best part of it for the other admission staff and I is that they do it genuinely. Whether it be through different posts on our social media, writing content for promotional materials as well as giving tours and greeting prospective students and parents, without them we wouldn’t not be able to accurately represent the Marist experience and our community as a whole, and for that we are so grateful to them.”


Admission’s student employees Erik and Athena were feeling appreciated in the Admission Office this week.

Nicole Radassao, Assistant Director of Admission and Co-Director of the Student Ambassador Program, spoke of her students employees, “I have seen so many of my student workers grow and gain so much real world experience from their jobs here. I have seen them acquire leadership abilities and move on to jobs that we have helped prepare them for.  However, at the end of the day, it is their love for Marist, their willingness to help, and their efforts on behalf of the prospective students that makes all the difference, and we can not thank them enough for it.”

Another unique experience are those students who work for the Marist Athletics Department. Senior Victoria Mule is a part of the athletics staff, and reflects on working for the department, “It is really great to be a part of this side of campus especially since I am not a student athlete. It has allowed me to see behind the scenes of the division one athlete community and show my school spirit by supporting them and their endeavors.”


Students that work for Marist Athletics claim they have the best job on campus.

Samantha Leenas, a junior, who is a Student Assistant in Vice President of Enrollment Management’s Office spoke of the great experience has had in the office, “Being a part of the office has been so enjoyable. My bosses are flexible and they make it a point not just this week but every week to show appreciation for all that I and the other student workers do. Being a student employee has not just served as a job for me, but an opportunity to give my time and energy to something I love–Marist!”

For senior Brianna Tierney, her experience as a student employee with the Marist Phonathon is one she will always be thankful for.

“It started as an opportunity to make money while I was at school, but it has become so much more than that. I spend my work hours calling alumni, parents, and donors for continued donations to the Marist Fund, but I don’t just get pledges. I get to learn about the history of Marist through the eyes of generations who have been part of the community. I will forever be grateful for those stories and insights, and appreciate the college for recognizing me for my work” she said.


Marist Phonathon employees celebrating their special week in the office.

Students interested in contributing to Marist as a student employee can attend the job fair that occurs at the start of each fall and spring semester. For more information please visit the student employment page.


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