Sports with Billy: Baseball is Back!

Written by Billy Migge

Billy Migge is a junior studying Sports Communication at Marist College. Bringing his skills outside of the classroom, Billy’s posts will provide commentary for the latest events going on in the sports world.

With opening day just a few weeks ago, baseball season has finally dawned! It’s finally time for summer sun, apple pie, hot dogs, all things Americas favorite pastime.

It’s been a long offseason and there were a lot of big names on the move, switching teams, switching leagues, with some players returning to the teams of last season (thank you Yoenis). Just to recap some of the big moves, I’ll throw a little rundown for you to keep your minds fresh so you’re not sitting on the couch saying, “When did they get this guy?”opening_day16

  • Zach Greinke moved from LA to Arizona to pitch for the Diamondbacks
  • Yoenis Cespedes resigned with the New York Mets
  • Former Met and Postseason Folk Hero Daniel Murphy took his talents to the nationals capital and will play for the Washington Nationals
  • Former St Louis Cardinals John Lackey and Jason Heyward signed with Cardinals rivals, the Chicago Cubs
  • Ben Zobrist also joined the Cubs after winning the World Series with the Royals
  • Boston Red Sox got closer Craig Kimbrel and yearly Cy Young candidate David Price
  • Yankees bolstered their bullpen adding Aroldis Chapman but will sit out the first 30 games because of a legal case I’m sure everyone has heard about already
  • Todd Frazier was dealt to the Chicago White Sox from the Cincinatti Reds, giving them a star to build around with starting pitcher Chris Sale
  • San Francisco Giants signed Jeff Samardzija (what a name) and former Royal Johnny Cueto
  • Starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann joined the Detroit Tigers, as well as Justin Upton

With a long season ahead of us, I have 10 predictions that pretty I’m confident about. And if I’m wrong, they’ll just be absurd when we look back on the end of the year and see what I had to think.

  1. San Francisco Giants will not make the postseason

The Giants have this trend where they win the World Series every even numbered year, 2010, 2012, and 2014. Now that it is 2016 everyone is saying the Giants are back and ready to take the division back from the Dodgers. I am not one of those people, and I think this will be a down year for Bruce Bochy and the Giants. The Diamondbacks are much more improved with their rotation, and their two young stars Paul Goldschmidt and AJ Pollock can carry the offense that has struggled at times. The Dodgers have the best pitcher in baseball and replaced Don Mattingly as manager, who seemed to be their weak link at times. The Giants would have to win the division to make the postseason considering the NL has so many different good teams (Cubs Cardinals Pirates in the same division all 3 are postseason popular picks.

  1. The Cubs will win 100 games

The most dynamic team has to be the Cubs, with their plethora of young talent that has been way better than expected this early. They made some great moves in the offseason, and they have the best opportunity out of any team to win 100 games and I think they do just that with big seasons out of Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and company. maxresdefault

  1. Bryce Harper will not win National League MVP.

Harper exploded last season having his breakout year for the disappointing Nationals. 42 homers, 99 RBI’s and batted .330 and many can argue that he has not even hit his peak as a ball player yet because of his young age. But Harper will face a lot more difficult pitching, a lot of intentional walks, and could possibly get the Barry Bonds treatment where teams just don’t want to have him beat them by himself.

  1. Your National League MVP is…… Anthony Rizzo

Rizzo became a household name and is the center of the talent in Chicago. Best player on the best team tends to have a good shot at winning the Most Valuable Player in my humble opinion.

  1. NL Cy Young will make its way to Pittsburgh for Gerrit Cole

Gerrit Cole went 19-8 for the Pirates with over 200 strikeouts last season and also made the All-Star team and he will need to improve this year to get the Pirates postseason monkey off their back. Cole is going to step up in a big way and even in the toughest division in baseball, he will shine.

  1. The AL East will get 2 teams to the postseason

The AL East has been down for the past couple seasons and I think this is the year that they send multiple teams to the postseason. Whether it is the Red Sox and their many moves this offseason to improve their team, the Blue Jays post David Price, or the Yankees and their stacked bullpen, I’m smelling a good year for the AL East.

  1. Mike Trout and Josh Donaldson won’t win the MVP for the AL

Trout is the best player in baseball in the mind of everyone in the country and I agree he is easily the most talented player in baseball, and Josh Donaldson is the reigning MVP after a huge year for the Blue Jays. The A’s probably regret sending him to Toronto, but it is tough to win back to back MVPs and Trout has a problem because he doesn’t play on a team that will be competing for a World Series.

  1. The Houston Astros Shortstop will raise the AL MVP trophy.

Carlos Correa burst onto the scene last season mid way through the year and helped the Astros make the playoffs along with middle of the infield mate Jose Altuve, but this is the year the Correa shows why he is the best shortstop this league has seen since Derek Jeter. The Astros are a team to watch, and Correa is the main reason for their success lately and success this season.images-2

  1. The AL Central will only have 1 team over 85 wins.

The Tigers made some noise with some additions that I stated above, but I don’t see much progress around this division to make me believe that anyone other than the Royals can succeed.

  1. A big injury to a star will ruin the season

It’s difficult to say this because you hate to see it happen, but it seems to happen every year. Last year Miguel Cabrera went down with a season ending injury, this year I feel like it’s going to happen to a star that nobody wants to see go down, an Andrew McCutchen or a Kris Bryant. Hopefully this is the only prediction I get wrong.

Playoff Teams

NL East – Mets                                                AL East- Blue Jays

NL Central – Cubs                                           AL Central- Royals

NL West- Dodgers                                           AL West- Astros

NL Wild Card- Cardinals                                AL Wild Card- Rangers

NL Wild Card- Diamondbacks                        AL Wild Card- Red Sox

Wild Card Games

Cardinals over Diamondbacks

Rangers over Red Sox

Divisional Rounds

Mets over Dodgers

Cubs over Cardinals

Rangers over Blue Jays

Astros over Royals

Championship Round

Cubs over Mets

Astros over Rangers

World Series

Cubs over Astros in 6

Best time of the year. 


Do you have your own predictions for the MLB season? Share them in the comments section below! 

Interested in playing baseball at Marist? Check out Marist’s baseball program here!

About the Author

Billy Migge FoxtalesBilly Migge is a junior studying Communications. He went to high school in Rockland County and has aspired to be involved in the sports media world ever since he was a kid. He grew up around sports 24/7, whether it was playing, watching or even analyzing the games.

Founded in October of 2011, the Marist College Center for Sports Communication promotes the study of and practice in sports communication, helping to prepare an enlightened and engaged group of future leaders in one of society’s most far reaching disciplines. Find out more about the endless opportunities offered through a major in Sports Communication by visiting their webpage!

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