A Movie Buff’s Guide to Marist: Hudson Valley Theaters

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A Movie Buff’s Guide to Marist, Volume 3:

Hudson Valley Theaters

The Hudson River Valley community is one known for its beautiful landscapes, historical monuments, and…movie theaters? All right, maybe movie theaters aren’t up there with the FDR Library and Culinary Institute, but as a movie buff, when looking for colleges, I wanted to know where the nearest movie theater was in location to the campus. And Marist is located near the vicinity of not just one, but many awesome cinemas that you should definitely take advantage of during your four years here.

Whether you spell it theater or theatre, enjoy romcoms or action movies, put M&Ms in your popcorn or not, there is a place for you to go enjoy your favorite film in the Hudson River Valley. I’ve made it my goal to visit almost all of them in the course of my Marist career, and so far, I’ve done pretty well. If you’re interested in getting off campus and seeing that flick with your favorite actor, here are some places I’d recommend.

  1. Regal Cinemas Galleria Mall

Every Marist student is bound to spend a lot of his or her time at the mall – after all, it’s got everything: Target, a food court, the puppy store, and most importantly for me, the movie theater. Marist runs a promotion through Student Activities where you can get a ticket for $5 for any movie at the Student Activities Office, which you redeem at the box office for your ticket. (Tip: You can also buy them using Marist Money!) This makes going to the movies incredibly affordable for students, and is an overall great time.Hyde Park Drive-In


  1. Hyde Park Drive-In Theatre

Marist is lucky to be able to have an original drive-in theater only minutes from campus, something that not all colleges can boast. Hyde Park is a great town with a lot to do, but I think one of the most original things to do is spend a night at the drive in. For $10, you can see recent and popular films that are in the regular cinemas, but this time outside and in a car! Not to mention: for ten bucks, you can see not only one, but two movies, since in traditional fashion, this drive-in does double features. It’s an experience that I think everyone should have at least once in their life, and makes for a great weekend activity! Before the movie, you can hit up Hyde Park Brewery for a hamburger, or the Eveready Diner for a milkshake!



  1. Roosevelt Cinemas

When looking for a cheap but cute night out, head to Roosevelt Cinemas in Hyde Park. Not only do they offer student discounts, but the prices of refreshments and popcorn are also cheaper than the name-brand theaters. When I went for the first time, I was taken aback by just how small the individual theaters were, but by the end, I really enjoyed the cozy atmosphere. Plus, its refreshing to know that local, small town movie theaters still draw a crowd, and provide a different feel than corporate, name-brand movie theaters. If you’d like, make it a Hyde Park day and visit not only Roosevelt Cinemas, but the FDR Residence and Library on the same road to learn more about this theater’s namesake.


  1. Upstate Films

If you find yourself in Rhinebeck, definitely end your night with a movie at Upstate Films. Upstate Films has been providing the community with interesting movie nights since the 1970s, and is definitely a unique asset to the town. This cinema is a non-profit theater, and shows movies of the indie, foreign, and classical genre, which adds a different feel to your regular movie night. Friendly tip: Upstate only accepts cash, sticking to its traditional, pre-credit-card roots.

So next time you want to catch the latest premiere, consider trying somewhere other than your usual theater and get a new experience!  Marist is lucky to have such a wide variety of theaters, so definitely take advantage.

Enjoy the show!


You can learn more about all that Student Activities has to offer Marist students by visiting their website!

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