Hispanic Heritage Month: Francisco Navarro


Francisco Navarro

Hometown: Puerto Rico

Heritage: Puerto Rican

 Major: Communications

Involvement at Marist: Campus Ministry, Tutoring, ARCO, Bachata and Salsa Club

Favorite Heritage food: Frituras (Empanadillas, Bacalaitos, Pastelillos, Alcapurrias)

Why Hispanic Heritage Month? For people to know and acknowledge the many different types of cultures, traditions, and histories that makes the Hispanic community renown worldwide. For example,

La Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico. Since my birth up until my 19 years of age I have lived in Puerto Rico. The “hispanic” culture is my culture. Predominantly Puerto Ricans are extremely proud of their identity/ culture, I am one of those. What there’s not to be proud of being part of the Puerto Rican culture. Puerto Rico is enchanting. Puerto Rico is Paradise. From the historical Old San Juan and El morro to El Yunque (National Rainforest). To the islands of Culebra and Vieques to Rincon and the amazing beaches. Puerto Rican Heritage is a privilege, benefit and an advantage. I am proud of not just being of Hispanic heritage but also being of Puerto Rican descent and being part of it’s culture. You can feast of any type of delicious and extravagant food you can image. You can celebrate, party and have the happiest moments. You can hear and move your feet from Reggaeton(hip-hop), to the beautiful Salsa music and dance. You can visit places that leave you amazed. Being Hispanic is a privilege because you have an open door to multiple different experiences in life involving cultures, traditions and customs. Being Hispanic is a benefit because you are part of a minority that with our voice, talent, courage, labor and success we make ourselves seem as THE majority. It is also an advantage because even though we are different we make everything have more emotion, more excitement, and more happiness.


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