How To: Survive Your First East-Coast Winter


Well, it’s that time of the year again! If this is your first time stepping foot on the East-Coast, be prepared for the cold weather, the wild wind, and the more-than-occasional snowy days. Not sure how to go about dressing or preparing for the winter here at Marist College? Here are 5 tips to help you survive!

1. Layers on layers – Even when you think you’re wearing enough, WEAR MORE. You’ll save yourself from the cold and from getting sick!

2. Invest in a warm jacket – Although we are all struggling with a college budget, investing your money in a thick, warm jacket will save you this winter..It’s going to be especially cold this year!

3. Prepare for the wind – Avoid the breezeway at all costs… Trust me.

4. Boots – It’s time to put those Sperrys and Vans away! Snow boots, a comfy pair of Uggs, Timberland boots, or knee highs are the right way to go! Don’t forget to add some fuzzy socks to the look.

5. Take advantage of the coffee and hot chocolate in the dining hall. It’ll not only keep you awake, but it’ll keep you warm on those chilly days!


Becci Casas, a sophomore from San Diego, California, was able to answer a couple of questions on her first winter experience:

Sarah: “What was it like experiencing your first winter at Marist College?”

Becci: “It was very cold and although people said it was an easy winter it was really hard for me because I never experienced weather below 60 degrees. I did not know what jacket to look for so I had friends help me. I was stressed about what to wear in general when I was cold.”

Sarah: “Do you have any tips?”

Becci: “Layers help a lot. Sometimes I would wear two pairs of everything. The hardest part was the wind tunnels. I would get super chapped skin and wind burn. I actually bought a ski mask and it helped a lot. I suggest scarves, beanies, and gloves too!”

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