Application Advice: Applying Early to College

It’s that time of year again! Applying to college is in full swing and many students are trying to decide when to apply to their favorite schools. As a senior, it feels like filling out the common app was a lifetime ago. Yet, I can still clearly remember my mom yelling at me, “Are you applications done yet? Did you apply yet? What are you are waiting for? Daniel Joseph you better get those applications done!” Looking back now, I can truly appreciate her getting on me to get the applications done.

I applied to 8 schools, all of them early action. I wanted to hear back about my acceptance (or not) as soon as possible. Based on whether or not I got accepted, I could really narrow down my choices. It allowed me to immediately cross some schools off the list because I was not accepted. Then, the ones I was accepted to, I could put more thought into.

I think being able to focus on accepted schools is important. Once you know you have been accepted to a certain college or university, it changes your mindset about the school. It makes you really look around and think, “Can I see myself here?” For me, visiting a college was necessary before I made any decision. I tried to see all the campuses before applying to get an idea of how I felt about the school; however, that was not always feasible. But, once I was able to hear back so soon, it gave me more time to visit and concentrate on the schools I was accepted into.

Applying early gives you plenty of time to weigh different options, visit the school more than once, and really help you figure out which environment is best for you. Plus, if you apply early, the application process is done! No more worrying about essays or gathering all the necessary information. You can simply concentrate on the schools and making your decision!

When I applied to Marist, I could not wait to get on campus and see the beautiful views my guidance councilor had told me all about. Visiting campus knowing that I was already accepted made it all a reality. It was no longer just a thought or idea. It was a possible choice. This could be my future. I could spend the next four years walking around this beautiful campus. Plot twist, I said yes.

So finish those common apps and apply to your favorite schools before your parents even have a chance to “gently remind” you to get them done!

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