Thankful To Be A Red Fox

Only a few more days till Marist Students hurry on home, to be with family and friends for the Thanksgiving season. If you are like me, a food lover, Thanksgiving can be seen as one of the best holidays of all time, where it should be illegal to leave a crumb on your plate.

But, registration was not the only thing that Marist Students are thankful about being over. This past Friday, Marist Fox Tale blogger, Julia McCarthy, took over the Snapchat to see what students were thankful for this holiday.

Here is what some students had to say about the upcoming holiday season!

Julia McCarthy is thankful that her real family is also a part of her red fox family!


Roommates, Gabby and Fiona, from the 9th Floor in Champagnat Hall, are thankful for each other, and our friends being our family away from home.

Rafael Bertta a Communications major from Wrappingers Falls, NY, is thankful for the beautiful view of the Hudson River Valley!

James Wolf, a Resident Assistant in Champagnat Hall, who is also a Spanish Education Major from Babylon, NY, is thankful for his fantastic residents and his entire Champ Staff.


Maria and Bianca, 8th floor Residents in Champagnat Hall, are thankful not only that registration went well, but for a great first semester here at Marist!

David Wallace, a Communication major from Poughkeepsie, is thankful for his 12:30 class being canceled on Tuesday so he can go home early!


Digital Media major, Alyssa Casamento, is thankful for being a tour guide and getting to meet really cool people all the time! Also for, the moccasins that she wears everyday of her life.

Sophomore Brianna Paganini, a Communications major, Howell, NJ, is thankful for all the wonderful friends she has made at Marist and that she can call this place her home.


Jenna Candia, Environmental Science Major from Commack, NY, is thankful for her amazing roommate (Julia McCarthy)!

Alexa Jovellana, Computer Science major from Queens, NY, is thankful for food, family, friends and science.


Meghan Lai, Advertising Major here at Marist from Honolulu, Hawaii, is thankful for financial aid and housemates letting her stay with them for thanksgiving!

Shea Spellman, a Media Studies major from Waterford, Connecticut, is thankful for her dogs!

Matt Marotti, a Business and Economy Major from Killingworth, Connecticut, is thankful for the amazing Hudson River! He also shared a mind-blowing fun fact with us! Did you know: the Hudson River is actually as estuary because it flows both ways at the same time?


Emily Somer, a Fashion Merchandising Major from Monroe Township, NJ, is thankful for her friends and family.

Philosophy Professor and Honors Director, Dr. Snyder, is thankful that registration went well, and all his students are taking exciting classes!


So, what are you thankful for this holiday season? Comment below and let us know!

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