The Red Fox Holiday Gift Guide

Though it seems like the school year just started, the fall semester is quickly coming to a close. This, in turn, means two things, are around the corner – finals, and THE HOLIDAYS!!!! Since no one, myself heavily included, would want to read a post/even acknowledge exams, I’ll be writing a post on the latter. Here is the ultimate guide to what every red fox wants to see under his/her tree this winter. Moms & Dads out there, you’re welcome.

1. A Fit Bit

Even though a 5 minute walk to class might not seem like a lot, the steps really start to add up over the course of a day! I bought myself a fitbit for my birthday (yes, I buy myself presents–moving on.) in August. Upon coming to school, I was blown away by how many miles a typical day of class, work, and activities conjures up.  It is also meant to track workouts, and I find it to be more reliable than other fitness-related apps. I have the Fitbit Alta (pictured below, center) which alerts you when you have a text, call, AND (wait for it) gives you inspirational messages throughout the day. This might seem unimportant, but let me tell you, when you have 2 papers and an exam the same week that you come down with the worst cold of your life- these messages will go a looooong way. There’s also tons of different models, styles and colors, so you can customize this gift to fit your fox perfectly.


2. A Sled

When there’s a snowy day at Marist, our campus turns into the ultimate winter wonderland. The river is frozen beautifully, the fire place in Hancock is ablaze, and the campus green transforms into an AMAZING sledding location. While most students can be found riding down the slopes in laundry baskets or atop trash can lids, have your red fox ride in style by getting them his or her very own sled! These Mini Luge ones by Zipfy can be found at Brookstone. They are relatively inexpensive, stylish, and compact–perfect for residence hall storage.

3. Kan Jam

Once the weather starts to warm up, the campus green transforms into the famed “Marist Beach.” All of us foxy guys and gals are hanging outside, laughing, chasing groundhogs, and soaking up all of the vitamin D we had been deprived of all winter. If you want your red fox to be the most popular in the den, pick up a Kan Jam set and they’ll be forever grateful. Over the past few years, Kan Jam has become increasingly popular within the yard game market. Here at Marist, there is no exception.


4.Polaroid Camera

Social Media and School spirit go hand in hand on campus here. We love tagging @Marist and hashtagging #mymarist on all of our posts, in hopes to be re-posted and receive high fives all around. Instead of the typical Instagram post to show their pride, pick up a Polaroid camera to change things up a bit. Polaroid pictures are fun, vintage, and give you a tangible photo instead of just clogging up your camera roll like usual. The Fuiji Film Instax mini comes in tons of different colors, and it super compact, making it easy to have on you whenever you feel the need to ‘Gram.

fuiji insta

5. Tupperware

Now, I know what you’re thinking; “Tupperware? Where’s the fun in that?”, but listen up! As much as the dining hall at Marist keeps us content (shoutout to cupcake Tuesday), and while I do enjoy the kitchen in my campus townhouse, my recipes don’t extent past anything that I can heat up in a pan or a microwave. So, what better way is there to fully enjoy mom’s meatloaf than being able to take it back up to the Hudson Valley? It might not seem as fun as a yo-yo, but I’ve found that practicality becomes much more appealing the older you get.  I really, really tried to find some festive tupperware with foxes on it or something Marist-y, but apparently that what just too much to ask for. 500 brownie points to whoever can find some.

tupperware-2  tupperware

6. A really, really long coat

Some may call it a parka, I call it the difference between life and death. Whether you’re straight out of the North East or a student coming from sunny California, no one is prepared for their first winter on the Hudson. While its great beauty is much appreciated, the incredible wind that comes with it–maybe not so much. Not to fear, though! Just grab your red fox a long, winter coat to keep toasty warm on the way to class. There is no long that is too long. They’ll thank you, trust me.

white   parkaaa

7. A Beta Fish

If you ask any college kid about the worst part about being away from home is, I guarantee you most of them will say being away from their pet(s). My freshman year, I missed my dog so horribly I had a framed photo of him on my desk. This, however, just still wasn’t enough. SO, in order to cope with the terrible empty-nest syndrome I was experiencing, I got myself a beta fish. Beta’s are awesome college companions. They require pretty much no maintenance, inexpensive, and are a great conversation piece. My first fish, Stitch, lasted me all the way into spring of my sophomore year #RIP. His predecessor, Mushu, is all the rage with my housemates.

stitch    mushu


So, keep these great gift ideas in mind when shopping for your special red fox this holiday season!


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