5 Things Marist Students Miss Most When They Are Away From Campus!

We all love that feeling, when we finish our last final and sprint out the doors to return home, but after a few weeks of being home, sleeping in, and catching up on all those Netflix episodes, we begin to get bored.

Here are some of the top 5 things Marist Students miss most when they are away from campus!

  1. The Marist Family – Students most often miss the ability to walk either upstairs or next door, to see some familiar faces.  The best thing about the Marist Campus, is the community. When walking around campus everyone always has a big smile on their face and welcomes everyone with open arms! Don’t worry Red Foxes, only a few more days!!!IMG_3916
  2. The gorgeous Hudson River Views! – Although it is nice to be home for a week or two, nothing compares to the feeling you get when you look out your bedroom window and see the gorgeous river views! Definitely a motivator for getting out of bed and walking to class. 6358060924181629021512715261_maristtour.imgopt1000x70
  3. Marist Beach– Our summer beach serves as our winter hill. Students miss hanging out on the campus green with friends and recently sledding with the little snow we had, during the last few weeks of the fall semester. Pray for more snow to come!IMG_5442
  4. Late Night Cabaret– Craving a midnight snack? The Cabaret, commonly referred to as “The Cab”, definitely can satisfy all those cravings. Their Mexican food is probably the closest thing you are going to get to a Chipotle. Definitely a great place to take a quick study break!
  5. Library- The cozy chairs, right next to the windows overlooking the gorgeous scenery of the Hudson River Valley, makes the perfect place to study and do homework. One of the Starbucks on campus can also be found in the library!library

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