New Semester, New Me?


With winter break coming to an end, students are super excited to back on the beautiful Marist campus for a new semester to begin. Second semester means new classes, fresh new grades, a chance for new memories with friends, and one step closer to summertime (or for some graduation!). It is time to make second semester worthwhile. Here a few things you can do to have a great second semester:

  1. Be prepared for your classes and set some academic goals for yourself. There is always room for improvement with your school work and strive for a specific GPA or goal to motivate you to want to succeed this semester. Hard work will pay off in the long run.
  1. Get organized. The first thing you can do to get organized for this semester is to print out your class schedule. By doing so you can see where you potentially have time for the library, meals, and other activities you enjoy doing. Time management is very important to stay organized and ahead of your work.
  1. Join some new clubs! Clubs are a great way to get a break from your schoolwork. Whether its Ambassadors, Greek life, or Art club, chose something to take your mind off of things. Invest your time in some activities that spark your interest!
  1. Keep meeting new people. Go out of your way to talk to people on campus and associate with your classmates. You may find out that you have more in common with someone you would have never thought you did. There is always room for new friends!
  1. Change bad habits. If you have any bad habits that you know need to be changed, make it your business to change it this semester. Bad habits can be changed into good habits that can make your time at Marist even better. Find a kick of motivation and anything can happen!
  1. Take advantage of what Marist has to offer! There are constant career service events and variety of lectures to chose from. Take advantage of the math lab or the writing center when you need extra help. There are so many great services that we offer and students should totally check out.

This is your chance to make this new semester memorable. Don’t waste the opportunities Marist has to offer. Good luck everyone!

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