School of Science Welcomes Exchange Program in England

Here at Marist, undergraduate students in the School of Science are now able to study abroad through the University of Kent. Located in Canterbury, England, students are able choose from a wide range of Biology courses, along with specialized science and research classes.

This program is unlike the other amazing international programs Marist has to offer – not only do Marist students now have the opportunity to study overseas, but undergrads from the University of Kent will now be welcomed to study at Marist in exchange. This is also the first program which focuses on specifically science majors only. With approximately 19,000 undergraduates, the University of Kent is not only able to provide a study abroad experience for Marist students, but also a wider range of courses.

“Studying abroad for a semester is typically difficult for science majors,” Dr. Neil Fitzgerald, Assistant Dean of the School of Science of the University of Kent, explains.

Fitzgerald hopes that this new program will provide students an excellent option for science students who have previously expressed interest in studying internationally. The Marist International Program also hopes to evolve international programs for all majors, as more and more students are studying abroad each year.

“Marist’s School of Science has been steadily increasing abroad opportunities for our students and welcomes this new agreement with the University of Kent at Canterbury,” Dr. James DuMond, Dean of the School of Science, said. “We expect the achievements of our students to only grow from these types of experiences.”

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