The Marist Circle Presents: For The Record

For the past seven months, a team of journalists from The Marist Circle Newspaper have been working tirelessly on a collection of over 70 student stories titled For the Record. Our idea began with the ambitious desire to inspire the entire Marist community, both on campus and around the world.


Elio Velazquez ’18 (Credit: Andrea Stanton Photography)

This project began when our Creative Director, Goodman Lepota, came to me with an idea about getting better acquainted with people on campus. Thus, we embarked on a quest to find and share some of these people’s stories. This project is designed twofold: on a macro level, our goal is to better acquaint one another with students on campus, and on a micro level, we want to challenge our staff to explore journalism in a variety of compelling mediums.

In the words of freshman writer Tara Guaimano, “It’s important to hear the stories of your classmates for the sake of being aware of what they’ve accomplished or how they’ve gotten to wherever they are at the moment. Human stories are the most inspiring and truly important aspects of news, and using that concept with For the Record was really fulfilling as an aspiring journalist.

This past fall we were looking through The Circle’s archives and came across an editorial piece from 1977 entitled “For the Record, It’s the Circle” written by former Editor-in- Chief Daniel Dromm. This piece spoke about the paper’s history on campus, the ups and downs, the naming and reinventing and how the paper used to be called The Record, until 1965, when a collection of trailblazers decided that The Record was not doing enough for the students on campus. Thus, The Circle was born. In 2017, I find we are in a similar position.


Taylor Brennen ’19 (Credit: Andrea Stanton Photography)

We see For the Record as a rebirth of not only our features section in the paper, but also a rebirth of The Circle in a unique time. Allegations of fake news amidst an overwhelming array of news sources leaves a person skeptical about who to trust when it comes to determining factual information. We ask ourselves each and every day, “Why is this a field we want to pursue?” The only compatible answer available is so we can improve upon the influx of information in our society, so we can set the record straight.

Guaimano adds, “For the Record defines The Circle as a news organization that touches beyond the day to day affairs of our small college community and our regular frames of reference on campus.  It keeps us, as reporters and as members of the student body, in touch with the stories of the people we work among everyday–which is the kind of storytelling that really matters.”

The exhibition of For the Record will run for two weeks from February 13th to February 23rd Monday to Saturday, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Steel Plant Art Gallery.


Georgina Berbari ’17 (Credit: Marist Circle)

Our desire is to present the unique talents of the student body by sharing the stories of some, to inspire all. Our aim was to include as many different stories as we can, so as to personalize what it truly means to be a part of this unique circle.  We want to thank the staff at The Marist Circle and gratefully acknowledge the help of Alena Bergmann, Lauren Powell, Nick Baratta, Ed Smith, Andrea Stanton Photography, Bob Lynch, Ryan Rogers, Daniel Luise and Brian Apfel, Daniel at Prime Printing, Schmaling Glass, President David Yellen, President Emeritus Dennis Murray and all the faculty and administrators who contributed to the unveiling of this project.

The Circle regularly publishes on the but For the Record stories will be to be posted on 

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