Marist Celebrates P.S. I Love You Day

The 14th isn’t the only day during February that shows a little extra love.

P.S. I Love You Day is held the second Friday of the month with the intent to raise metal health awareness and help put a stop to serious, associated issues, such as bullying and depression. Participants are asked to wear purple, banding everyone together in a mass of support and kindness.

This past Friday, 2/10/2017, P.S. I Love You Day was celebrated across the globe for the seventh year in a row, Marist College included. However, what really makes our celebration special is that the original founder, Brooke DiPalma, is a Junior here studying Communications and Political Science. After experiencing the devastating loss of her father at the young age of 14, Brooke knew she had to do something to make an impact – something to make sure everyone knows how important they are. Thus, P.S. I Love You Day was born, and it has not stopped growing since.

“P.S. I Love You Day started as one small idea, I can’t believe now 7 years later just how far it’s come. To be able to say that over 120 schools and 50,000 people celebrate this day is humbling. A school in Capetown, South Africa even celebrated! I know that somewhere my dad is looking down at all that we have accomplished together and smiling.”

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