Marist’s Broadway Trips are a Sure Hit with Students

It’s no secret that Marist’s Student Programming Council (SPC) makes an outstanding effort to ensure that students have no shortage of exciting events to choose from to make their weekends exciting.

One of the most popular options that students utilize is to purchase tickets to see a Broadway show in New York City for the low cost of $25. This purchase includes not only a ticket to see a trending on-Broadway musical, but also a ride on a Coach bus to get there and back.

How does the whole thing work? It’s simple. A few weeks ahead of time, students get their tickets (be sure to get to the student center early to get in line!) from the SPC office. The day of the show, students meet at a designated area to get on the bus. Once students arrive in New York City, everyone has a few hours to explore before the show begins. Then, students enjoy the show and are on their way back to Marist via the same buses that brought them. This unique opportunity is available to Marist students largely due to Marist’s convenient location; New York City is only a brief trip away!

Bob Lynch, the Director of Student Activities, states that there are typically three to four trips a semester. When asked how it is decided what shows will be offered, Lynch says, “SPC is the group of students that help us make decisions on what shows they want to see. We can have anything from three to four busloads of students going down to the city depending on what show it is.”

Freshman Patrick Wrynn loved his first Marist Broadway trip experience, explaining, “Getting to see Aladdin was spectacular! It exceeded my expectations in every way. It was by far one of the best Broadway shows I have ever seen, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to go to a show for only $25 that is usually worth at least $135 a ticket! And, SPC provided transportation! You can’t get a better deal than that.”

Sophomore Abby DeRochie agrees. “I’ve seen a lot of the shows offered here. But my first semester at Marist I saw Kinky Boots and that by far has to be my favorite.  The best part of the whole trip was actually our seats. We sat in the orchestra…like 10th row! It was amazing. We got there by 11 am, got brunch at this cute little restaurant, and explored the city before the show at 2 pm!”


Sophomore Abby DeRochie having some fun outside the Al Hirschfeld Theatre before Kinky Boots

Fellow sophomore Theresa Carcaldi also has very fond memories of times spent in the city seeing Broadway shows offered through SPC.

“We saw Waitress this past Sunday February 19th at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. Our favorite part is being dropped off a few hours before the show. We are able to explore the city! That day we first went to Starbucks, and then headed over to Don Antonio by Starita for literally the best pizza I have ever eaten. We wandered through the streets until we ended up at Rockefeller Center and got some cupcakes at the famous Magnolia Bakery! They were selling little jars of pie at the show, it was so cute. The show was funny, heart-warming, and inspiring. We loved every second of that day!” 


Sophomore Theresa Carcaldi enjoying her Magnolia Bakery cupcake


Souvenir Waitress jars of jam












SPC’s Broadway trips are an inexpensive way to get off campus, gain an appreciation of current Broadway hits, and explore the Big Apple! Stay on the lookout for more trips to be announced by SPC, and take advantage of this amazing opportunity during your time at Marist.

To stay up to date with all SPC does, click here.

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