An Inside Look at Marist’s Fashion Show Production Class

Marist’s Fashion Show Production class (FSP) is made up of carefully selected and highly dedicated fashion students who are responsible for each and every aspect of producing the annual Silver Needle Runway. The class is lead by Show Director Juan-Manuel Olivera-Silvera, and four very dedicated student directors. Each semester, a new group of passionate students are interviewed, selected, and placed onto one of FSP’s three teams: the Production team, the Communications team, and the Creative team. Each team is led by the director and a director’s assistant who oversee all projects and ensure that the responsibilities of their specific team are carried out. Under the leadership of their directors, FSP students fill positions that vary greatly from team to team. Each individual team and student is as important as the next, and are all fully committed to the success of the Silver Needle Runway Show.


The Production team is lead by two directors who oversee all production aspects of the show from runway ready, model castings, run of show, wardrobe coordination, hair and makeup, and front of house. The directors act as a liaison between the FSP team, models, designers, faculty, and venue production team. The two production directors assist with day of show and with model castings/fittings, handle designer garments, and direct all backstage production while calling the show. The production coordinator assists during model castings, wardrobe coordination, and backstage organization on the day of show. Two model coordinators are responsible for all model related functions, while two wardrobe coordinators are responsible for all garments and accessories related functions prior to and during the show. Hospitality coordinators and assistants are in charge of all areas related to the front of house, including decor, centerpieces, raffle, and gift bags. Hospitality members recruit volunteers and ushers to assist day of show, making sure that everything remains organized from the matinee to night show.


The Communications team is responsible for creating a unique and effective marketing campaign for the show through PR and Social Media outlets. The team director and her assistant act as a lead liaison between team members, industry contacts, and the members of press and social media outlets. Beneath the director, the social media coordinator and assistant take on the responsibility of promoting the show on all Marist Fashion platforms. Their duties include updating the Marist Fashion Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. They are responsible for selecting photo content, developing a social media aesthetic, drafting post captions, and creating the hashtags that are used on these platforms. Next are the PR coordinators, who are responsible for creating unique marketing ideas, a press kit of promotional material, and a VIP attendee list of industry professionals. Their work helps to create buzz about the show and draw attention through social PR strategies.The digital media managers work closely with the creative team in designing event invitations, save the date cards, graphic displays, and so on. Finally, the FSP bloggers are responsible for running and providing readers with an inside look into the production of the Silver Needle Runway show.


The Creative team is responsible for making all of these ideas come to life. The creative director is responsible for developing and maintaining a consistent creative concept throughout all aspects of the show. This involves following a set aesthetic throughout the show theme, soundtrack, model look, photo shoot, look-book, front of house, hospitality, and house decor. Beneath the director are two creative assistants who attend meetings with the director, help to create the creative concept of the show, review weekly music submissions, and assist with the completion of the lookbook. The audio/visual manager and coordinators select the music for each section of the show, assemble the show line up, generate the final run of show list for programs, and relay all final music decisions to models and designers. Finally, the brand/visual coordinators assist the director in creating the theme and brand of the show. They help to brainstorm creative ideas and establish an aesthetic, and use this to create all digital materials including the show logo, invitations, posters, merchandise, and social media content.

The Silver Needle Runway & Awards features more than 200 garments designed and brought to life by students ranging from sophomore to senior grade level, mainly showcasing the collections composed by our immensely talented senior designers. Yearly, the show is attended by over 2,000 guests ranging from friends and family to special VIP and industry professionals. We are counting down the days until the show and cannot wait to see you there!

Head over to the Marist Fashion Blog to get a behind the scenes look at what the Fashion Show Production class is all about and to hear about this years 31st Annual Silver Needle Runway and Awards!

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