Resume Review Day Is A Success

While Marist’s rich student life makes our college a vibrant and exciting place to be, it’s important to never lose sight of why we’re at Marist: to gain the best education available in order to get a job post grad! One aspect of academics that Marist emphasizes is internships for students, allowing valuable experience in the ~real~ world. This enables students to stand out and provides them with a competitive edge. However, in order to first get selected out of a talented applicant pool to be an intern, students must take one very important step: creating a resume.

Resumes may at first seem daunting, but the Communication & Media Studies Internship Office has an easy fix: their Resume Review Day Workshop! The workshop is led by Communication & Media Studies Internship Director Gerry McNulty and Internship Coordinator Sara Nowlin. The event provided students with the opportunity to drop in without an appointment to fine-tune their resumes to ensure the best odds possible in landing a summer internship for underclassmen, or, in the case of seniors, to utilize during the upcoming job search. During this workshop, students met one-on-one with either McNulty or Nowlin to discuss their resume line-by-line.

“The essence is that we offer workshops every semester. We noticed that, especially leading into the summer internship season, students might have some questions, and we’re looking to provide that opportunity [to answer those questions],” says Nowlin.

This is not the only workshop hosted by the Communication & Media Studies internship office, however. Nowlin adds that students also have the opportunity to refine their cover letter and work on interview skills in other workshops that are typically held throughout the semester, and students are always invited to get in contact with Nowlin or McNulty to make an appointment to take a look at their resume.

“We want to create access and for students to feel confident in what they are presenting. I think our purpose is to serve as many students as possible. It’s been an effective strategy,” Nowlin says.

Watch out summer internships, because here the Red Foxes come!


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