“For the Record”, It Was an Honor to be Featured

While I am currently a freshman and three more years at Marist lie ahead of me, I can truthfully say that there’s no doubt in my mind that being featured in “For the Record” is something that will be a highlight of my time here.

Recently, the Marist College newspaper, The Circle, launched the ‘For The Record’ initiative led Bernadette Hogan (Editor in Chief), Goodman Lepota (Creative Director), and Gabriella Gamba (Editorial Manager). Bernadette’s article does an excellent job of explaining what this amazing project is all about, and I personally cannot speak highly enough about these individuals that all worked so hard to tell the stories of their peers and did so in such a professional, effective manner.

When I first found out I was selected to be a featured student in this project (because of my writing and the fact that my book, “All That Glitters” was published), I was extremely honored. However, back then I could not even begin to conceptualize how massive and successful this project was going to become. I’ve spoken to Bernadette, Goodman, and Gabriella many times regarding this project, and something they always mention is how this initiative was for the students and by the students. They simply wanted to share outstanding stories of their peers with the student body for the sake of inspiring others. That, in and of itself, is hugely selfless and inspirational.

I’m a writer, so it takes a lot to strike me wordless. However, I frankly cannot express how amazing it was to be featured. The innovative, creative minds of the Marist Circle outdid themselves with this project, because it’s one that not only got the student body talking when it was launched, but will continue to do so for years to come.

I believe that my personal favorite part of this entire project was the fact that by reading the articles that were written and attending the Gallery opening at the Steel Plant, I learned about the truly incredible stories of some individuals that I do not know personally, but recognize from around campus. The students featured in this project have such a vast variety of backgrounds, interests, hobbies, and obstacles that they overcame to ultimately reach success. I find it hugely motivational and humbling to read all about all the other students profiled – by far, that has been my favorite aspect of this project. The stories, along with the hard work and dedication of team that made this project possible, are so inspiring.

Being featured in “For the Record” was a truly eye-opening experience for me, and I feel absolutely blessed to have been even a small part of this project.

To check out all of the ‘For the Record’ profiles, click here


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