Marist Students on Ellen Show: Take Two

If you are a Marist student and have yet to tune into the Ellen Show, now is the time! Members of the sorority Alpha Sigma Tau at Marist College,  Megan Curran, Chloe Kaye, Olivia Corrigan, Corylynn Lais, Lourdes Colon-Fuentes, Victoria Ruggiero, Alyssa McLaughlin, and Ashley Degel have been recently featured on the Ellen Show. Marist College was lucky enough in 2014 as a group of girls from Marist were also put on the Ellen show! This is definitely second time’s the charm.

Student Victoria Ruggiero is the main reason why Alpha Sigma Tau has been put on the Ellen show. Every year Ellen searches for New York’s biggest Ellen fans and Victoria thought what bigger fans of Ellen then her sorority? She has applied to Ellen many times over the several years she’s been watching the show. It’s been a huge dream of hers to go, so when she saw the NY to LA contest she had to apply. She did not think anything would ever happen since it is so hard due to the amount of people that apply.

Luck struck Alpha Sigma Tau. The show reached out to Victoria because they loved her letter and told the sorority that eight girls will be skyping with someone from the show to hear more about Alpha Sigma Tau’s story. Little did they know what would happen next. Ellen immediately came on the screen and you could tell by the screaming, they were not expecting it. Since Ellen was thrilled at Ashley Degel’s Ellen themed birthday party, the girls were given a personalized Ellen “root beer” flip-cup table. So, not only were they put on the show and given this gift, but Ellen has given them eight tickets to fly from NY to LA at some point in April. The exchange can be seen here.

Ellen has become an inspiration for these group of girls due to her positive energy, charitable works, and her role in leadership. Alpha Sigma Tau can not be more grateful for her encouragement to leave a memorable mark in our society. Stay tuned for Alpha SigmaTau’s trip to Ellen coming soon!

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.49.34 PM

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