Professor Luciana’s Photography Showcased On Campus

While it is true that Marist’s students have some incredible talents, it should not go without mention that our professors also have impressive achievements. One of these individuals is Professor James Luciana – a professor of art (specifically photography) who’s work has been displayed in over 80 national and international group and solo exhibitions, has been printed in museum publications, and is represented in major photo collections.

Right before spring break, a reception was held in the Steel Plant Studio’s Gallery to celebrate the opening of Luciana’s newest exhibition “Photographs: Hudson River Valley” which was an accomplishment of his recent sabbatical. Students and faculty alike enjoyed refreshments while looking in awe at the amazing works that were being presented in front of them.


Now, being an art student who has been lucky enough to have Professor Luciana, I was able to get the inside scoop on the works on display came to fruition through his lens.

“As I thought of a sabbatical project, it occurred to me that I have never seriously photographed the area I have lived in for over sixty years,” he told me, “The Hudson River Valley is simply stunning and even though I have sailed the river extensively, I now, in retrospect, realize I have more or less taken it for granted.” Prior to this project, he had spent a large amount of time photographing in Europe, focusing mainly in England, Scotland, Wales, and Italy.

The collection consists of a combination of photographs from locations based on paintings from the Hudson River School, and smaller, more private interpretations. He also experimented with combining several images into single panoramas, widening the scale of the images as a whole. So, in other words, putting the “panoramic” option on our iPhones to total shame.


While we do get to see “photography” so often now with the internet and various social medias, there is something about printed work that just seems so much more meaningful. Being able to tangibly see the dedication that goes into all of these gorgeous prints creates provides such a humbling experience. This amazing exhibition will be on display until Saturday April 8th, with gallery hours every day from 12:00 – 5:00. Be sure to check it out before its too late!

Click here to learn more about the Marist College Art Gallery at the Steel Plant Studio. 

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