Why Open House is the Best Weekend of the Year As Told By a Current Student

Do you know that feeling when you walk through the gates of Disney World?  The excitement and thrill that runs deep through your core and the sense of calmness and home that comes over you.  The air is electric with joyous staff members greeting you and children with ice cream all over their face. This is the feeling I have during Open House weekend.  Yes, Marist and Disney are just a teeny bit different.  Between Space Mountain, Cinderella’s castle, Main Street USA, the Hall of Presidents (my personal favorite), themed food, parades every night and their expansive network of 20+ resorts, Disney is slightly different than Marist.  But I digress.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Open House weekend is my favorite weekend of the entire year.

“But how is Open House different than any other visit program?” I hear you clamoring in the distance.  Every single program, activity, panel, tour, or conversation during Open House weekend is focused on the accepted student.  We know that you would make a great fit for the Marist community, but now it’s our turn to prove it to you (We don’t have Cinderella’s Castle, but we’ll do our best).  So many accepted students make their decision to come to Marist during Open House weekend, and it is such an incredible experience to be a part of such a pivotal moment in someone’s life.

The campus is filled with accepted students that are so enthusiastic to dive deep and see what Marist is like.  They have the chance to speak with Marist students and faculty, explore academic buildings and residence halls, and get a taste for the most important part of college: the food (trust me, it’s great).  We have hundreds of volunteers, tour guides, faculty, and staff that are eagerly awaiting your arrival this weekend so that we can show you how amazing Marist is.

Open House in three words: Fun. Food. Friends.  Need I say more?

Open House is your best bet to take a photo with Shooter the Red Fox, try out our amazing Snapchat geofilters, stock up on your Marist gear, and to proudly say #Marist2021.

Jumping up and down in joy for Open House,

Tyler Lonergan ‘18FullSizeRender

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