Hiking the Hudson Valley: Marist Edition

One of the many perks to Marist College is the incredible location right on the Hudson River. The river makes the perfect backdrop to many breathtaking views and guaranteed popular insta posts. Not only is the campus itself home to spectacular views, but the Hudson Valley also does not disappoint. There are so many amazing spots throughout the Hudson Valley of not only the Hudson River, but the mountains and foliage. So, with the spring approaching now is the perfect opportunity to get out there and explore! So hop in your car, get your E-Z Pass ready, and prepare to be blown away by all the Hudson Valley has to offer. Here are some personal favorite spots of mine.

The first spot is a short little drive over the Mid-Hudson Bridge. It is the Franny Reese State Park and it is home to some of the best views of the Hudson River, Mid-Hudson Bridge, and the Walkover the Hudson Bridge all together. The hike involves a short little easy trail that doesn’t take very long. Once to the top, your view spans out across the whole river. You get to look down at the Mid-Hudson Bridge and watch all the cars rush back and forth. After snapping a few pics, taking one of the trails on the way back down leads you past the ruins of a house that used to be on the estate. It’s a little piece of history stuck in place and covered in vines.

Next up is Ferncliff Forest. This is also a short trail that leads you up to a large, tall tower. If you are willing to hold your breath and conquer your fear of heights (much like myself), it will be well worth it once at the top. The tower goes up high enough so that you can see over all the tree tops for miles. Sure it was a shaky walk up for me, but the views were well worth the scare. There are other trails to take to see some more trees, cabins, and small bodies of water, but the tower is where you want to be.

Now for my absolute favorite views in the Hudson Valley, the Minnewaska State Park Preserve.  This hike is definitely most difficult out of the three due to its long walk and hilly spots. A whole round-trip takes around four hours, but it is the most rewarding experience once reaching the top. There are multiple trails you can take, which you can decide once you get there and grab a map! But, stunning views of waterfalls, cliffs, and a lake are all guaranteed no matter what route you take.  It is quite a workout, but one of my favorite spots to take in some beautiful views! I recommend packing some sandwiches, tons of water, and kicking back as you take in the scenery.

With so many beautiful places to explore, it was hard to narrow it down! There is so much more out there to explore – you can find some of them here. The website has every hike you can take, its difficult, scenery, and trail information! Be sure to check it out and get out there and explore.

What is your favorite scenic spot in the Hudson Valley? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Conor Proce, Marist College Class of 2015

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