One Credit Wonders

It is always said that one of the most exciting aspects of collegiate life is getting to explore all of your new interests and hobbies, and luckily, Marist provides students with an abundance of opportunities to do this. Did you know that Marist students have the opportunity to take a variety of one credit courses? These classes, which typically only meet once a week and last half of a semester or so, provide students the chance to gain exposure to topics that they might not usually cover in their core curriculum or have time to study depending upon their major.

Ever wanted to try a new hobby and get up and get active but not had the chance to do so? In Fall 2017, for instance, Marist is offering Beginner Ballet, Yoga, Golf, Boxing, and Fencing, amongst others. Therefore, if you’ve ever wanted to try one of these activities, you have the opportunity, and it’s covered in your tuition.

Dennis Humenn, a senior, took the opportunity to take several one credit classes. “I took Archery Fall 2016, and currently I’m taking Beginner Piano,” he says. These classes were an opportunity for him to spend time with friends and also learn something new, which Dennis says he appreciated. “I took archery with a friend for fun and piano because I always wanted to learn. Both Archery and Piano are fun to learn, but much harder than I expected! They’re both cool skills to have,” he says. Dennis learned how to read sheet music in Piano, and how to shoot and aim a bow and arrow in Archery, which are two interesting skills that he might have not otherwise had the opportunity to learn.

However, Marist also offers some classes that might not be as “exciting,” but are extremely practical additions to your schedule and helpful for life as a young adult. Tyler Lonergan, a junior, took a one credit class called Financial Literacy the fall of his Sophomore year, and just finished a class in Microsoft Excel this semester. These classes equipped Tyler with valuable skills that will give his resume an edge, and are important to be learn and be comfortable with. “My major, Business HR, is super competitive. In order to stand out from the rest of the crowd, taking classes where you learn real hands on activities, instead of just learning concepts and theories, is so important.” These classes made a world of difference for Tyler. “I am now confident in my personal financial planning skills and am also advanced in Microsoft Excel,” he says. “My favorite part of both of these classes was that they had real world applications….you can’t put a value on learning skills like Excel and Personal Finance – the experience is well worth the work.” Tyler is confident that the skills he obtained in these two classes is going to come in handy when he graduates in 2018 and play an important part in his future. “Between the two classes, the most interesting thing I learned was how to properly plan my finances for the future. I’ve always been told, “save, save, save,” but Financial Literacy told me that there are alternatives that I can invest my money in so that my money works harder for me, instead of me working harder for my money.”

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a one credit class today; you won’t regret it!


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