The Poetry Celebration Continues

The celebration of Poetry Month at Marist College continues! The Marist website published the favorite poems of the school’s faculty, staff, administration, and students that were submitted in March. Each added a little blurb explaining what that poem meant to them. Attached to some of the poems were videos and podcasts of the person reading their favorite poem. Watching students and faculty read their favorite poems brought the poetry to life! Check out the submissions here!

Events continue as the celebration rolls on. On April 3rd, “The Poetics of Resistance,” a panel discussion, took place in the Henry Hudson Room in the Fontaine Liberal Arts building. The panel included Marist’s own Lea Graham and Virginia Konchan. It also included Claire Hero from SUNY New Paltz and Rosebud Ben-Oni from New York City. The panel discussed the power of poetry in the contemporary political climate. Students got to engage in a Q&A session with the panel afterwards. Then on April 4th, Claire Hero and Rosebud Ben-Oni held readings of their respective works. The authors shared their works with students and faculty back in the Henry Hudson Room.

On April 19th there were three mains evetns: A Writing Salon, and screening with poet Bob Holman took place, and student poetry slam. The Writing Salon was a writing workshop that allowed students to bring in their work to be critiqued. Holman is the founder of the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City and hosts the PBS program Language Matter and presented a screening of his short film Khonsay  in the Steel Plant. Then, Holman acted as a judge in the Red Fox Poetry Slam that took place that night in the Cabaret.

The Red Fox Poetry Slam celebrated its 13th year on April 19th. Poets gathered into the Cabaret for their chance to share their poetry. The students competed through two eliminaton rounds for some grand prizes! The audience cheered the poets on and workshopped some of their own poems during breaks. The judges this year were Bob Holman, Virginia Konchan, and Claire Hero.

Keep an eye on the Marist website Event Calendar for other events throughout April, as Marist celebrates National Poetry Month.

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