So You’ve Committed…Now What?

First of all, congratulations, and welcome to the Marist Class of 2021!!  We are so excited that you’ve chosen to join our Red Fox Family next fall!  

Now that you’ve committed to Marist, you might be wondering, “What’s next?

1. Take a moment.  

The past few months (maybe even years, if you started the college search process early,) have probably been some of the most chaotic and stressful in your life.  You’ve been on countless college tours, sat through hours of information sessions, and survived the Common App.  Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment!  Be relieved!  You’re coming to Marist!

2. Buy college merch.

One of the first things I did once I officially committed to Marist was stock up on school merchandise.  There’s no better way to express your new school pride, and everyone can always use a new pair of sweatpants!  Sure, you’ve got all four years to build up your collection of Marist swag, but right after you commit is by far the most exciting time to go crazy in the Marist bookstore or Mporium.

Hint: Moms and Dads go nuts for “Marist Mom” and “Marist Dad” hats and coffee mugs, so keep in mind for future birthdays and holidays.


Marist’s River and Stone brand combines style and comfort…two of college students’ favorite things!

3. Pass your finals.

Just because you know where you’re going to college next year doesn’t mean you can forget about high school.  Make sure you finish strong!  Especially at Marist, getting a good score on your AP and IB tests can exempt you from a lot of core requirements, which can be a huge help if you’re looking to double major or minor.  Plus, once you’ve chosen a college and finals are over, you can enter your summer stress-free.

4. Brag on Social Media! 

A senior graphic design major put together a collection of Class of 2021 “Social Media Swag” downloads for you! Accepted students (and even parents) can download and update their Facebook or Twitter headers, or personalize your mobile computer background 🙂

5. Get a summer job.

While Marist provides amazing deals for student trips and activities, (the $25 Broadway tickets especially!), sometimes the spending can add up.  That’s why I highly encourage you to consider getting a summer job, or at least plan on getting a job your first semester on campus. Not only does getting a job help you learn to balance work and fun, keep a schedule, and become more independent, but it’s nice to know you have some spending money for fun times at school.  You want to make sure you make the most of your four years here, and with so many opportunities happening on campus, you don’t want to miss out because of lack of cash.

6. Start searching for room decorations.

Finally, an opportunity to leave the comforter you’ve had since you were five years old at home, and redecorate an entire new room!  I’m a firm believer that having a well-decorated room helps the college transition process immensely, because when you come home from class, your dorm looks, and feels, like home.


Not pictured: the gorgeous view of the Hudson River!

7. Enjoy summer moments with your high school friends.

As sad as it is to think about, summer is going to fly by, and before you know it, your group of friends will all be heading off to different schools.  But don’t be discouraged!  There’s still plenty of time to make some final high school memories and then, once you make new friends at Marist, you have four years to have your old friends come visit. You can also visit them, which also allows you to experience different colleges and cities.

Marist is going to be one of the best times of your life, but there’s still plenty to do before you get there! Enjoy the end of your school year and your summer, but get excited for your life as a Red Fox!



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