Emerging Leaders Program Inducts 200+ at Induction Ceremony

Last Wednesday, over 200 students were inducted into the Marist Chapter of the Emerging Leaders Program. The Emerging Leaders Program is a non credit certificate program which provides students with unique opportunities to define, discover, and develop their leadership skills.

In order to be inducted into this elite society, students were required to attend a minimum of five workshops given by a diverse group of leaders in various fields. Some of the workshops were given by Marist faculty including former Marist College President Dennis Murray, where he educated students on his experience with leadership throughout the years,

Some of the recent workshops included:

  • Big Personalities in a Little Room: Managing Meeting Mayhem

  • A Real Estate Rags to Riches Story

  • Life Skills for Leaders: Power Conversations

  • Character Clips: Managing Conflict Mindfully

  • Networking: Together We Can Be Unstoppable

In addition, students who wish to further their leadership experience at Marist can strive to achieve an additional certificate and become a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). In order to be inducted into this chapter students must attend at least three telecasts (video broadcasting seminar) within the academic year, as well as at least two Emerging Leader Program Workshops. Once students are inducted into NSLS, they have access to awards, scholarships, customized letters of recommendation, and additional telecasts.14712911_1248022881885809_4209082614556764463_o17157839_1395929927095103_2746428264583916689_o

As a current member of the Emerging Leaders Program, it was an honor to get inducted last Wednesday among my peers. The workshops this year were incredible, and really taught me ways to expand my leadership skills beyond the classroom. I am looking forward to new workshops next semester!

For more information on the program, click here



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