Thanks for an Amazing Weekend, Marist!

Ciao from Florence! I am here sitting in a little café excited to share an amazing experience that Marist was able to offer us abroad students as an excursion trip.

So what is an excursion trip? This summer, the abroad office sent out a list of weekend trips that included activities, hotel accommodations, and a breakfast/dinner inclusion. On September 23-24th myself and about 50 other students were able to take part in the trip ‘Hiking the Italian Alps and Verona’.

Bright and early on Saturday morning we were headed to Verona. When we arrived to the beautiful town, students had the opportunity to explore on their own. One of the most popular sites to see was the home of Juliet from Romeo and Juliet. Before you enter the square you walk through walls with the names of couples on paper, Band-Aids, or basically anything you can write on. The myth says that if you write the name of your true love on it and put it on the wall you will stay together forever. Past these walls you enter the square where the balcony and the statue of Juliet stands. The walls around it are filled with locks with names of couples and loved ones that keep getting added on each day. Students even had the chance to write a letter to Juliet. “Juliet” is a group of women that gives advice to lovers who need it. You usually get a response about a year later!

On Sunday morning we were on our way to hike the Italian Alps. The hike was about four or so hours and was guided by three different experienced hikers. Students were brought to two massive waterfall spots where you had the choice to walk right behind the water. The hike started to get more uphill about two hours in and once we reached the very top it was truly an amazing sight to see. The hike totaled 10 miles, 23,282 steps, and 83 flights climbed. Students gathered together to capture their accomplishment in a group photo before trekking back down the alps!

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