Art & Digital Media Faculty Exhibit

How do you stay inspired?

As I sit here in the art gallery, I look at all the works around me. I can’t help but feel a sense of inspiration. For four years now, I’ve been spending most of my time curating the Marist art gallery for upcoming exhibits. It’s an exciting time, collecting beautiful work, displaying them perfectly, and showcasing them for others to enjoy.

One of my favorite traditions of the art gallery is the first and last exhibits of the year. At the start of every fall semester, the gallery showcases the work of the art and digital media faculty. And as the year comes to an end, Marist art students have a chance to display their individual work at the annual student show.

Last week was the opening of the annual “Art and Digital Media Faculty Small Works Exhibition”. This year the exhibit took place in the new art building, 51 Fulton, instead of the iconic Steel Plant while it is under construction. The space held select “small works” of each of the individual professors on staff.

As a senior and a studio art major, I look forward to seeing what the professors are up to in their studios. Being able to see what my professors have created and how they paint, or sculpt, or photograph, or design inspires me immensely. I find it especially interesting to have class with these professors while they watch the students create, critiquing and motivating them along the way, and then being able to see their work is a beautiful way to start the year off.

The show runs until October 28th and the gallery is open Monday-Saturday from 12-5pm. Come get inspired!

—Haley Cimillo, Class of 2018 

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