Welcome Marist Overnights!

This past weekend, Marist invited a group of prospective students from outside the Northeast region to campus to get a feel of what a day at Marist is all about.  A small group of students in the Ambassador Program took these students and showed them how amazing Marist really is.

If you sign up for the overnight program as a prospective student, you get the full Red Fox experience! You will get to meet up with your host for a “Mocktail hour” in the Press Box on the football field, have a great dinner in the beautiful Marist Boathouse, play games, make S’mores, sleep in on-campus housing and then go to a class the next day.  It’s an amazing experience for a prospective student to get a more in-depth feeling of a Marist students lifestyle, the campus as a whole, and get to know other prospective students and current Marist students!

I was lucky enough to be one of the few ambassadors chosen to host an overnight.  It was my first time being a part of the overnight program, and I can honestly say I will 100% be applying again next time.  It was so fun to introduce a new person to campus and tell her all about what Marist has to offer.   It was great helping her learn about Marist while having fun and being an avid part of her college search process.


Me and my housemate/ fellow ambassador Sam, and our overnight D’Mia!

This is only one of the fun events Marist puts on for prospective students to have them get the feel of what it is like to be a Marist student.  Marist offers programs like Shadow days, open houses, and tours.  All of these events allow you to interact with the campus and current students while learning about Marist in a fun and interactive way.

Want to learn more about Prospective Student programs? Vist the Marist website at: https://www.marist.edu/

Tyler Ree, Class of 2020



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