Marist Hockey and Tri-Sigma Collaborate for Successful “Pink the Rink” Game

This October, the Marist Hockey team participated in their second charity game of the 2017-18 season. This game was in partnership with on-campus sorority Sigma Sigma Sigma (Tri-Sigma), for the 9th Annual “Pink the Rink” game for Breast Cancer awareness.

While Marist Hockey has been supporting this important cause for nine years now by dedicating a game every October to Breast Cancer awareness, the idea of working with a sorority on the event was debuted this year. Senior Daphne Robson, the President of Marist’s chapter of Tri-Sigma, said that the idea for a collaboration between the two clubs was one that came about a while ago. “Nick [Rudzewick of Marist Hockey] and I had briefly spoken about collaborating a game together a year ago in casual conversation,” says Robson. “But after pumping each other up with ideas over the summer and realizing how successful this could be, we put our plan into action.”

Their plan was extremely successful. Not only did the Marist Red Foxes successfully beat Army hockey with a final score of 5-1, but the efforts of Sigma Sigma Sigma and Marist Hockey resulted in approximately $2,500 raised for the cause!

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 5.34.24 PM

Marist Hockey and members of Tri-Sigma. Image Credit: Marist Hockey.

Robson, who is friends with many of the Marist Hockey players, knew that the team always does a charity game to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Therefore, she believed this was the perfect opportunity to collaborate. “I’ve been trying to get Greek Life a bigger voice around campus throughout my presidency and realized that the best way to do so is through collaborations with not only only Greek Organizations, but clubs and sports teams as well,” she says.

Robson enjoyed not only the event itself, but putting it together. “From the initial planning and T-shirt designs, to the excitement of the crowd, and overall Marist Hockey huge win, everything went perfectly,” she says. “But, I have to say the most rewarding piece was the feedback post-game of how appreciative the hockey team and parents were to see us collaborate.”

The most important part of this game, however, was the fact that by partnering for this cause, Marist Hockey and Tri-Sigma helped raise awareness for such a widespread issue that sadly, has an impact on so many individuals. “Unfortunately every person somehow has a direct tie to breast cancer whether it is a mother, aunt, or friend,” says Robson. “Seeing the community come together to support such an amazing cause really made me appreciate the strength of awareness.”



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