How to Keep Your Tech Safe: National Computer Security Day

National Computer Security Day, a relatively new national day first celebrated in 1988, is becoming more and more relevant as almost all aspects of our lives now have a place online. Identity theft, fraud and viruses are all things that can make the web dangerous. Computer Security Day is just one day out of the year to remind everyone to make sure you are practicing safe web use when online shopping, banking, social media, and more. In addition to National Computer Security Day on November 30th of every year, there is also National Cyber Security Month all throughout the month of October.


There are many ways to stay safe while online, here are just a few tips from Marist’s Information Technology Department!

  • Be aware that not all public wifi is safe. Make sure you are always on a safe a secure network before making a purchase or depositing a check.
  • Regularly backup all your important files. Viruses can get into your computer and destroy your info at any time – flash drives and hard drives can help prevent loss of documents.
  • All Marist students have access to FREE antivirus and anti malware. Don’t have it yet? Click here to stay safe!
  • Make sure you keep all your devices such as phones, computers and tablet up to date with the latest updates. A lot of times updates are created to fix or prevent security problems.
  • Monitor all your accounts. If you see suspicious activity that you know you didn’t do, report it right away. You can even sign up for emails regarding strange logins. Don’t ignore these!
  • Regularly change your passwords. More importantly, don’t use the same password for every account. If someone gets access to it, they have access to your whole life.
  • When online shopping, check for a security lock indicator.
  • Always logout of your accounts. This can help prevent theft if your device is stolen.

Next time you are online, make sure you are being safe and smart. Always practice these tips so you can have a stress free online experience!

Want to learn more about IT at Marist? Click here


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