15 Ways Marist Students Survive Finals

Any college student will tell you that finals week is not a fun time to be a college student.  Stress is high and morale is low.  Luckily, Marist has ways to help stressed-out students relax during this anxiety-ridden week.


Here are 15 Ways Marist Students Survive Finals

  1. Change up the scenery!  Study in the Library, Hancock, or Lowell Thomas
    • Studying in your room is effective but it could get stale and boring.  Changing up the scenery is often a good thing! Marist’s academic buildings have areas that are perfect for studying. Whether it’s anywhere in the library, by the fire in Hancock, or on the second floor of Lowell Thomas; there are so many places to study on campus that isn’t just your dorm room.
  2. Take a trip to the on-campus Christmas Tree
    • During the first semester, finals are near the holidays so Marist is in full-blown holiday spirit.  Visiting the massive tree right in front of the chapel adds so much holiday spirit to the campus. Going to see the tree is a great study break or a great way to end the night.  Whether you’re going to take pictures, get in the Christmas spirit, or just take a break from studying, it’s a great way to escape for a few minutes and relax.
  3. Treat yourself to some retail therapy at the MPorium or the bookstore
    • I am the type of person that shops when I need a break.  Whether that be online or at a physical store, my favorite place on campus to go shop is MPorium.  It has cute Marist apparel that cannot be purchased at the Bookstore, along with cute accessories that are not all Marist related.  It is a great way to blow off some steam and get a cute gift for yourself or a loved one.
  4. Take a coffee break at one of the many on-campus Starbucks
    • Coffee can be college students best friend during finals week.  Luckily, Marist has two Starbucks on campus that makes it easy to get your caffeine fix!  If you’re feeling sluggish go on down to Hancock or the Library and get your jolt of energy.
  5. Give yourself a well deserved Netflix Break
    • Studying too much can burn you out, every student needs to take a break for their own sanity.  Watch your favorite show, a new show, or an old show! Anything to give yourself a 30-minute break.
  6. Eat healthy
    • Eating healthy is a pretty obvious tip for life, not just finals week.  But it’s especially important during finals.  Your brain is working so hard, so you need to make sure you keep your body nourished and able to keep up with your crazy study schedule.
  7. … But also treat yourself
    • Yes eating healthy is extremely important, but also treat yourself! Stop by the dessert area of the dining hall!  Treat yourself to an ice cream cone!  Even stop by the Cabaret and pick up a pint of Ben and Jerry’s or some curly fries!images
  8. Turn off your phone
    • I know it’s hard to turn your phone off for a little, but it is riddled with distractions.  From social media accounts to texts and games. It’s hard to study and get work done with your phone constantly lighting up next to you.
  9. SLEEP
    • It’s hard to find time to sleep with all of the papers, finals, and presentations. Try and go to sleep at a reasonable hour (that hour is different for everyone).  And even take a nap from time to time. Your body needs sleep just as much as it needs food and water.  Even if you’re ripping out your hair, stressed out of your mind, and feel like you have no time to do anything, that might be the essential time to take a quick power nap.
  10. Experiment with study techniques
    • Studying by yourself will be effective, but sometimes it could get boring and you might end up aimlessly rereading your notes over and over again (I know I have).  But making studying fresh and interesting could be a new way to study.  For example, making flashcards, using websites like Quizlet, or even studying with a group in the library. It’s a great way to change up studying, and maybe even find a new technique to study with!
  11. Prioritize and make lists
    • When I have assignments all piled up, I make a list to see what I have to do first and when everything is due. Prioritizing your assignments by due date, length, and time it will take to do them can really help you to stay on top of your assignments and not fall behind. It is an easy way to visualize everything you have to do right in front of you.
  12. Exercise 
    • I am personally not one that enjoys exercising, but when I am stressed out exercising does help!  Jumping on the treadmill or a bike for 30 minutes really helps to clear your mind and relax.  Once you’re done, you’re energized, focused, and ready to jump back into studying.
  13. Take a walk by the Hudson
    • Marist is lucky enough to be located right on the Hudson River.  If it isn’t unbearably cold, it’s fun to take a walk by the river to wind down from studying and take a break!  It’s a great way to get some fresh air, get exercise, and just get away from the books for a little.  If it’s warm enough, you can even bring your books down there and study by the river.download-1
  14. Go to a sporting event
    • Marist students are lucky enough that we do not have to pay to go to our home sporting events. A great way to take a break and get out of the house for an hour is to go to a game.  During the first semester, finals fall during basketball season.  This is great because basketball games aren’t that long, they are extremely entertaining, and they are indoors so you can stay warm the entire game. It’s a great way to take an entertaining break and show some school spirit at the same time!
  15. Keep an eye out for special events Marist puts on for finals week
    • During finals week, Marist staff know that the students are stressed, burnt out, and need a little extra fun on campus.  During finals week they will surprise the students with puppies in the champ breezeway, root beer floats in the dining hall, hot chocolate in the student center, and so much more! Each year Marist comes up with new little things to help students get through their exams, as well as stay positive, and it works.  Students are so happy when they get word that Marist is doing something special on campus. These events pull students out of a studying frenzy and put a smile on their faces.

Hope these tips help you survive finals week! Good luck!!




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