Marist’s Radio City Rockettes Trip is Successful Again

Every holiday season, countless students line up in the Student Center in hopes of getting tickets for one of Marist Student Activities’ most popular events: the trip to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!

The trip is offered to students for the affordable price of only $25, which includes a show ticket and a bus ride to and from the city.

Junior Nina Chichelo highly recommends taking advantage of this opportunity when you have the chance. “I loved it,” Chichelo says about the show. “It was great. The story is so cute. Everyone has to see it in their lifetime. It’s a classic, so I think that it’s a good idea to make it open to people that have never had the opportunity to see it, and people who wanted to see it again.”

This year, the trip occurred on Sunday, December 3. According to sophomore Patrick Wrynn, it was an excellent way to usher in the holiday season.”I love this trip because I used to see this show every year, but I had not seen it for a couple of years before I came to college, so when I had the opportunity to see the show I definitely wanted to see it! I just love everything about the Christmas spectacular!” Wrynn says.


Patrick Wrynn and his friend Brooke Wainwright.

Fellow sophomore Rachel Sumner agrees that the trip into the city helped get everyone into the spirit of the season.

“It really brought me back to when I was a kid, and just the joy of the holidays and everyone being so happy, Santa and his elves in the show made me remember all the holiday memories and brought out my inner child,” she says. 

Chichelo suggested that, if students have time in the city prior to the show, they take advantage of being in New York City and get to see some sights. “We took the day in the city, to see the tree, shop around, see the window displays, and the show. The usual New York City trip,” she says. Marist usually does provide students with roughly two hours to before the show to walk around the city and enjoy the sights. Sumner and her friends took Chichelo’s advice and did just that. unnamed-38.jpg

“I had so much fun, it was so nice to see everyone hustling and bustling, and all the Christmas decorations around the city. I haven’t been there in four years, so it was really exciting.”


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