In the coming weeks, Marist will be sending out nearly 10,000 decision letters.  The sheer volume shocks me as I know each applicant will receive a letter from me conveying the Admission Committee’s decision.  I know this is a stressful time and I hope that this will give you a little insight into our decision-making process.

First and foremost, I want you to realize that our decision to accept or not accept is not a reflection on your potential for success.  There are always some students who we admit who aren’t able to successfully complete their studies at Marist.  In addition, there are students who we do not admit, who attend another school and do remarkable things.  This decision is NOT a final judgment on your ability to be successful at Marist, at another college or in your life.

Admitted – If you have been admitted, congratulations!  In terms of selectivity, Marist is one of the 100 most selective private schools in the country.  To be admitted, you have impressed the Admission Committee with your academic credentials as well as your potential to add to our community outside of the classroom.    Your acceptance, however, comes with responsibility.  You have a responsibility to continue to perform well academically during the remainder of your senior year.  I don’t pretend that “senioritis” doesn’t occur; and I understand that for some students, it is very real.  I also know that periodically there is a student who, once they have graduated from high school, has had their opportunity to attend Marist rescinded because they didn’t uphold their end of the admission agreement.  In addition, we expect you to continue your good standing in the community.  We take this very seriously.  In many ways you and Marist, should you choose to attend, will be forever linked.  We hope that we are a good reflection on you and you are a terrific representative of Marist.

Dean’s Advice – If you have been admitted and you aren’t sure where you want to attend, take advantage of the time before your enrollment deposit is due.   You should investigate and learn as much as you can about the schools that you are considering.   Sit in on classes.  Get to know the faculty who will be teaching you.  Eat in the dining hall.  Spend time talking with students.  Explore the campus. Join us for our Accepted Student’s Open House weekend (details available in your acceptance packet). Please  realize the deposit deadlines are strictly followed, so don’t wait to send in the deposit until the last day, because if you forget and send it a day late, we can’t guarantee we will have a spot for you. 

Defer – We will defer some students who apply to Marist through Early Action.  If you are deferred, it’s both good and bad news.  Good news is you were not denied, and you still have a chance.  Each year hundreds of students who were deferred are admitted to Marist.  The bad news is there is no guarantee; generally, less than 50% of students deferred will be offered admittance.

Dean’s Advice – We want to see how you are progressing in your senior year along with how competitive your application is within the overall applicant pool.   Keep working hard and we’ll be sure to let you know your decision as soon as we know.  If there is anything that you feel you want the committee to know about you or your interest in Marist that you didn’t include in your application, please do not hesitate to let us know with an additional written statement.

Wait List – Being wait-listed means that we really wanted to admit you.  We have every confidence that you would be successful at Marist; however, due to space considerations, we currently aren’t able to offer you a seat in the class.    Some students decide that they are going to remove Marist off their list and focus on another college that admitted them immediately.  If this is you, we fully respect your decision and sincerely wish you the best wherever you choose to attend.  Meanwhile, other students decide that Marist is a top choice and will “stay with us” through the wait-list process.   If you are one of those students, please read all the directions carefully.  Be sure to give us an update on how your senior year is progressing.  Please know that we will render a decision as quickly as possible.  Generally, we admit less than 50% of students from our wait list. It is important to note that there are years when we have taken no one off the wait list and other years when we have offered admission to almost everyone on it. If you want to remain on the wait list, please make sure you secure a spot at another college/university in case you are not taken off our wait list.

Dean’s Advice – If you are wait-listed, you still have a chance!  Advocate for yourself.  Keep us updated on what is going on.  However, we ask that you please don’t overdo it.  If you are calling, and/or e-mailing more than once every week or two, then you are taking it too far!

Deny – Being turned down is never easy, whether it’s for college, for the prom, or for a job.  Please be assured that the Admission Committee works extremely hard to evaluate each applicant holistically.  A vast majority of the students are denied due to their academic performance in high school compared with all of our applicants.  Being denied is difficult; it’s now time to figure out what your options are and make the decision that is best for you.

Dean’s Advice – Prove us wrong.  Go to another school and do well.   Make the Dean’s list.  That school may actually be a better match for you than Marist!  If not, then do so well academically, we have no choice but to accept you (with a scholarship) as a transfer student!  Did you know that almost half of our transfer students applied to Marist as seniors coming out of high school?  Many of them were denied.  They improved their academic record and earned their acceptance to Marist.  You can do it too! 

Kent Rinehart 
Dean of Admission
Marist College


One thought on “DID I GET ACCEPTED?

  1. In 1998 I graduated from Marist with a graduate degree in Public Administration. Then in 2001 I became an adjunct professor with Marist and I fell in love with teaching in higher education! The students at Marist are incredible, intelligent, and creative!! I have always said that I have the best job ever!
    I am a huge believer in education and Marist!
    See you around campus!

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